cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngLECTURE_ This interesting word is used with many different connotations. Most frequently it probably refers to a teacher or professor presenting prepared material in a classroom for purpose of instructing students. Sometimes, it refers to a special guest speaker presenting unique material to a diverse group. At other times it may refer to a stern warning such as “I”m going to lecture that young man about his manners” etc. Today, I wish to lecture you (present to you) about a completely new and different concept of a Supreme Being (God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha etc) from any you may have ever heard. In doing so, it would be impossible to present my entire philosophy without posting my entire book. I will, however describe to you enough of my ideas to hopefully stimulate your interest. You will immediately notice that I have lumped many of the common names of that Supreme Being under one heading, and that heading would encompass each and all such entities. As a Christian, I call It God. Please note,”a rose by any other name is still a rose”. Many may shriek in horror but can there be more than one Supreme Being? Absolutely not. I have done something never before done and that is “define the essence of that Being and all related entities such as Trinity, Holy Ghost, Supreme Will, Soul, Eternity, and much more. In doing so, I have removed all the so-called mysteries from our lives. I show that we each are a child of that Supreme Being and, as such, not only are we imprinted with a mirror image of that Essence, but we also are of the one common essence of humanness. I recognize and plead for your recognition of the WORLD-WIDE COMMONALITY OF SPIRITUALITY among all peoples. It is only through that recognition that we can come to the universal concept of LOVE (acceptance) of each other for the Promotion of Peace. My Book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe, could very well be construed as a “Guest Lecture”. My hope is that many will check it out and see its value. My desire is for every human on earth to be exposed to (lectured by) that material. It is the only way to peace. As a world nation, we are so divided, and hostile toward each other, all for Power, Money, Control. Can’t we do better? I know we can, but first we must be “lectured” in the methodology. Amazon and all major on-line book retailers.  Comments welcomed.    handg@comcast.net

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