Silence-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSILENCE-Now here’s one for you. When was the last time you experience complete silence? Likely a very long time. And that is deplorable and sad for one simple but very important reason. It is only through silence and meditational experience can we join our spirit with the spirituality which pervades the universe, which of course is the spirit of God, the HOLY SPIRIT. That doesn’t mean to imply that all spirit is not always connected: it means that only through silence can we feel and experience the exhilaration of that connectivity. That connectivity is the love (acceptance) we can and must experience intellectually with all of God’s creation. Without it we cannot realize any inner peace, neither can we experience peace with our universal neighbors. Without that universal acceptance, worldwide peace is impossible. If anyone will take note, he/she will readily see how all strife in the world has been caused, and still is, by self serving Religion and Ideology. Most Christian religion is based on the self-serving principle of a theocracy emanating from some powerful central control such as the Vatican; you will do as I say or else. The rest of Christianity uses a book as its’ power source, but each entity sees that book differently. All of those entities seek to demean and divide us by asserting their authoritarian control over us in one way or another. None of them seek to unite us through promoting the one basic principle of spirituality Jesus gave us: Love (spiritually unite with) your God with your all; love (accept and spiritually unite with) your neighbor as yourself . Those simple but drastically important principles can best be recognized and adopted through the solitude and quiet of SILENCE. Please read my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding of God and the Universe, for a complete understanding of those principles. Amazon, Kindle, and all on-line major book retailers.  

2 thoughts on “Silence-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. Words are separated by complete silence. Space separates all matter and defines the nature of the relationships between them. Are all words separated by silence that defines the relationship between words?


    1. I’m not sure I understand the question Robert. I will say, I’m in no way a particle physicists, but I believe our understanding of the distribution of matter is defined by Einstein’s Theory of relativity. There appears to be one catch- the Universe seems to be inexplicably expanding, when theoretically it should be relatively stable. Dark energy has been labeled the cause in some quarters. As to the question of what defines the relationship between words, I suspect that would be relegated to space. Of course punctuation (which is symbolic word) would have to be included. That’s the best I can do. Thanks.


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