Miraculous-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_0360 (1)MIRACULOUS- This word is used in many different ways of intent. We often hear someone say “It’s miraculous how ——“. or “Its miraculous that he didn’t get killed—-“, and the likes. I suspect that, unwittingly, those speakers are drawing on an ill-defined idea deeply tucked into both their conscious and subconscious minds. By way of their indoctrination, usually religious, they have been led to believe that by Divine intervention, something “miraculous” happens; that means simply, if God had not intervened some disaster would have occurred. Of course, the implication is that God “plays favorites”; had it been someone else, God would not have intervened. Such ideation presumes that God is changeable. Lets just examine that idea and see if it has credibility.  Would anyone argue against the idea that God is Perfect? Would anyone argue against the idea that Perfect means unchangeable: it can neither be improved upon nor detracted from? Would anyone argue that in order for God to intervene, He would have to “change” His mind? If he changed His mind, his perfection would be destroyed; He no longer would be perfect; He would be willy-nilly”. So philosophically and logically, true miracles are impossible. If we were capable of analyzing every aspect of every event, we would see clearly why the consequences we observe occurred. So we are forced to conclude that every event in this universe is the direct consequence of all foregoing consequences, not miracles. What is “miraculous”, to use the term very loosely, is God’s eternal plan which “allowed” for the consequences of the Einsteins of the world to appear. The greatest of those, of course, was Jesus. His intellect had to be in the Super-genious category; He recognized the universal evil of everything by virtue of its’ visible and demonstrable “selfishness”; He recognized that God made it that way, so His universe could function; He recognized God’s need for Perfect Love; He recognized that His soul and the soul “essence” of everything in existence mirrored its Creator. Since He was the only one to understand that concept, He recognized that He had to be the Messiah; the one to “pay the price” that all the evil in the universe could be expiated, and thereby assuring eternal bliss for all while, at the same time, demonstrating the Father’s Perfect Love, “acceptance without conditions”. He did so willingly but, being human, not without unbelievable fear and trepidation. That was a truly “miraculous” act. And what can and should we do? A purely intellectual response; “Thank You Lord God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (will of God). Amen. For a complete understanding of this and many, many more concepts, please read my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry; Amazon, Kindle, and all on-line book retailers.

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