via Daily Prompt: Inheritance-It is likely that most would immediately think of moneyIMG_0360 (1) and property when that word is mentioned. While that is true, there are other inheritances we seldom consider. Firstly, we inherit our life from our Creator in what ever way you may wish to consider that concept. Secondly, we inherit our genetic make-up from our parents; our physique and our general temperament. From there, everything is developmental. Each and every experience in our lives adds flavor and texture to our personality formation; our guilt, anxieties, prejudices, attitudes, understandings, etc. All of those elements help make each of us uniquely distinct individuals (one of a kind). I think Jesus recognized that when He exhorted us to Love (accept) each other as we Love ourselves. That is a uniting consideration. Religion and ideology, on the other hand, divides us (I’m right and you are wrong). According to the World Encyclopedia of Religion, as of 2014, there were 33,000 Christian denominations on earth, and each claiming to be the right one; what a divider!!! In my powerful little book Wilderness Cry, I plead for unity among Christians. It is a must-read for anyone seeking comfort and relief in their lives. It will give you understandings and insights never before published Amazon describes it a A REAL EYE OPENER. I would encourage you to check it out. All comments and questions welcome. I would haste to add that there is one more most important inheritance, THE KINGDOM OF GOD; we didn’t earn it . it is a pure GIFT FROM GOD.

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