Theory- Wilderness cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

via daily Prompt: Theory- My book Wilderness Cry- A scientific and philosophical approach to understanding God and universe, certainly could be classified under the heading of theory because nothing can be proven. However, all concepts regarding God are theory. No one can prove God’s existence. We accept or reject concept of God based on Faith. My acceptance is that there is God. Having said that allows me to develop a philosophy of how God operates in His universe(s). That philosophy is based primarily on known science, history, and logic with minimal reference to bible. It incriminates ideologies and religion as the cause of all the worlds problem,because those entities are dividers; they set people against one another. Love, however, as Jesus is pro-ported to have preached, is a uniter. That is the basis of my philosophy. I define the essence of God, the Trinity, and God’s will. From those definitions come ready answers to all the imponderable “mysteries” in our lives. Amazon calls it A REAL EYE OPENER. You might want to check it out.

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