Thanksgiving- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

Throughout the history of our country, beginningIMG_0283 with the Pilgrims until now, we have had a tradition of giving thanks to God for His blessings. The tradition was celebrated in individual places and states at different times of year until president Abraham IMG_0696Lincoln, during the Civil War established the last Thursday of November as the National Day. Sometime later, the fourth Thursday in November was chose for the celebration. We all have so many things to be thankful for; our life, our families and friends, our love. I suspect that too often we forget to be thankful for the “ordinary” people in our lives; our plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, mechanics just to name a few. What about our farmers, our soldiers, policemen/women? I could name a “million”, so to speak; contractors who build our homes and commercial buildings, as well as our roads and bridges; truck drivers, train engineers, bus drivers, ship and airline pilots who transport us and our goods. Yes, even politicians who help us govern ourselves. On a personal note, our medical and dental providers. I was the first in my family to become a physician and surgeon and did so against almost insurmountable odds; I learned the trait of dedication and hard work from my parents and siblings, and for that I am forever grateful and thankful. As a result, there are now five physicians and three dentist in my immediate family; also, an extremely successful building contractor. I could be saying these things in a “bragging” mode, but that’s not the case at all; I am extremely happy and Thankful to God for all the above. What would life be like if we had to go back to the days of wood-burning heater and cook stoves, kerosene lamps for light, and out-houses as I and my family did. I am so thankful for anyone who has the talent and willingness to help me solve a problem, for anyone willing to be my friend and share their concerns and joys with me. More importantly I am most thankful to Jesus for His heroic sacrifice that I and all existences might enjoy eternal bliss with our Creator. One of the last statements in the summary of my book, Wilderness Cry, is “Our only justifiable prayer is- Thank You Lord God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (Will Of God). AMEN. Let us truly enjoy and appreciate all our blessings and be forever thankful to our God.

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