Philosophy of sin- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

HavIMG_0904 (1)e you ever wondered where the idea of sin came from? We know from study of ancient and near-ancient history that pagan rituals included sacrificial offerings to the gods as a form of appeasement in the hope and/or belief of avoiding disaster. The Israelis also had sacrificial offerings of one kind or another for similar purposes. The Bible tells us that  Abraham was even willing and ready to kill his son Isaac on “orders” from God; fast forward to Moses. We all know the Ten Commandment story. I have no doubt that Moses, having lost control of his flock and being a shrewd and wise dude, sized up the situation(problems) and came up with the solution, “Gods commands” of activity. All those commands corresponded to the Jews legal system. Any breech of these commands wrought God’s ire, and thereby was considered “sin”. God punished their sins with all sorts of material torment; the Jews had no concept of a hereafter except for an earthly paradise to be reestablished just for them only when the Messiah came. So the Jews interpreted breeches of their civil law as sin; in our society we call it crime. Crime is usually interpreted by Christian religious authorities as sin with eternal consequences. I believe that concept is a convenient contrivance to impart power and control with eventual financial gain on their part. Jesus died to expiate all sin (selfishness=evil) in our lives. That is the Gospel (good news) Jesus was preaching to his disciples, and he ask them to tell the entire world, so that man’s mind and spirit could be at ease. Thereby, mankind would be able to concentrate more precisely on His two commands (suggestions) for happiness; love God with your all and love your neighbor as yourself. For full comprehension of these and many, many more concepts, you must read my little book, Wilderness Cry. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone including your pastor. Amazon and all major on-line book retailers.

3 thoughts on “Philosophy of sin- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. I am so proud of having knowing you Hilary,Do you remember helping me get caught up with the 8th grade after I had missed three months of school? Thank you so much!!! I will always remember you. Margie Hayden Skrit.

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