God and Faith- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt

IMG_0671 (1)Probably, we have heard and have used the word God millions of times. But, when you hear or use that word, what image or understanding do you conjure up. If I were a gambler, I would bet that for every human brain that has ever existed, a different idea would pertain. Why do you suppose that is. The reason is very simple and clear; no one before now has ever “defined” God. We all have, no doubt, been instilled with some version of an idea that God is a human-like figure dressed in startlingly brilliant robes, topped with a magnificent crown and sitting on a majestic throne. Jesus, His little boy, is sitting at His side but at a lower level; where the Holy Ghost is, no one seems to know.. Ponder that for a moment and see how it stacks up with you. Now consider what we know scientifically to be factual and irrefutable about our universe (very little in comparison with what is to be known,”what God knows”). However, we do know enough to begin to get an inkling into the real nature of God. Some things we know: the universe is so vast that no human mind can picture it (we have no reference points); there are more suns in our universe than there are grains of sand on all the earths beaches (can you comprehend such a number?); the nuclear fusion reactions going on in every sun would make our largest hydrogen bomb look like a tiny toy; light that has been traveling for 13.7 billion years at the rate of 186,000 miles/second is just now reaching our earth (the suns that produced that light have been burned out for billions of years already); everything in this universe is made of identical small particles of energy generically known as quanta (each of its kind perfect in form and function to its counterparts). Those are just a few of the known facts. What kind of being could possibly be creator and manager of such a machine (universe) ? That knowledge and that question compelled me to do something never before done in irrefutable terms; define God. We never have been given a specific essential definition of God. What is essence? It is the basic attribute that makes something what it is. So with that in mind, I was compelled to define God so as to answer all the seemingly imponderable “mysteries” in our lives (God Himself, the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, God’s Will and many more. My definition is simple, uncomplicated, and irrefutable. Simply put, I define God as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. From that definition flow all the imponderables like water flowing over a rapids. The only FAITH we need is to accept the concept of God; some don’t and that’s their privilege. You must read my book WILDERNESS CRY to fully grasp and understand all these simple concepts. Autographed by me $10.00; Kindle $4.99; Amazon and all major on-line retailers $10.95

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