Wilderness Cry- The future of Christianity;The Thousand-faced Jesus

IMG_1605How many faces did Jesus have? According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, He had 33,000; that’s how many Christian denominations there are in the world as of 2014. Each of those denominations paint a different picture of Jesus. I mention that fact to point out that religion pits us against one another (I”m right and you”re wrong). Religion is a divider rather than a uniter. Jesus gave is two dicta to live by; Love God with your all and love your neighbor as yourself. Those concepts are uniting rather than separating; sadly they have generally been ignored by organized religion because they are too simple; there’s no  money to be made preaching such simplicity. I show clearly in my book that Christianity and indeed the entire living earth will not survive much longer because of that division. Sooner or later some irrational person will pull the nuclear trigger and forever change the genetic structure of any surviving entity. Christians must unite under that one universal banner if we are to survive; likely, that will never happen because of power, money and control. My book is a “must read”.  NB: all comments and questions welcome.

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