Truth and Unity- Wilderness Cry by Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_0591We are constantly bombarded with exhortations to “do” Gods Will. Did it ever occur to you that no one knows God’s Will until after it unfolds before our very eyes. It is impossible for mere mortals to do or know God’s will; only God knows that. So what are we to do? We must “accept” God’s will. That means we must humbly accept everything that happens in this universe. That was Jesus’ commands to us; love (accept) God with your all and love (accept) your neighbor as yourself. God is the only absolute truth. He gave us a rationality to see and accept that. Gradually, we are uncovering some of His scientific truth; minuscule amount to date. However sufficient to begin to understand Who or What God is and how He operates. His Truth heeded will unite us as a people and we may survive unscathed. Currently, His Truth is being so ignored and fragmented that survival is unlikely. 33000 so-called Christian religions (sects), and more each day!!!!! Very alarming, and why?; power, money, control. My book is a “must read” for you. Amazon and all major on-line book retailers  Check it out.

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