cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngDid you ever wonder about The Holy Spirit? If someone asked you to explain The Holy Spirit, what would you tell them explicitly? I suspect most of you, like I for years, would have a difficult time coming up with a clear-cut description. The bible describes Him many different and conflicting ways. In one place Jesus is said to tell His apostles that He will send the Paraclete to them. A Paraclete is someone outside you; a friendly side-kick, companion, maybe body-guard (someone who walks beside you). In other places Jesus is said to say to apostles “Receive The Holy Spirit”. that would seem to indicate something internal likened to an infusion. Luke describes the Holy Spirit descending upon the apostles in “tongues of fire” with great atmospheric upheaval. Paul says ‘we are temples of The Holy Spirit”. At Confirmation ceremonies, the bishop confers Him on people saying “Receive the Holy Spirit”. So, just who or what is this Holy Spirit? What does He do; how does He do it; and how long does He last? For a clearly rational and philosophically sound answer to all these questions and seeming contradictions, you must read my book, WILDERNESS CRY. I devote an entire chapter to this most important subject. Amazon hard-copy and Kindle. Log onto Amazon; read their description of my book and please read the reviews.

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