Wilderness Cry-Hilary L hunt MD-Defining Evil

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngDo you understand what evil is? Simply stated, it is selfishness. Where did it come from? Some would have you believe it came from two mythical characters Adam and Eve. I’m here to tell you and explain to you the fallacy of that narrative.  Selfishness may be defined as any activity, desire, or attitude directed at self. Selfishness was instilled in every object in our universe by God, Himself. Oh. you shriek in horror; how you blaspheme!!! Do you not see and understand that every entity in any universe has selfish needs? All living things need fuel, combustant, and exhaust systems. All have self-directed needs. Likewise, every inanimate object from the smallest particle of sand to the largest sun are constantly vying fore more space. Meteors and meteorites are constantly bombarding suns and planets attempting to gain more space for themselves. The elements (wind, rain, lightening etc) are constantly attacking our environment creating more self-serving space. Black holes are devouring everything in their near vicinity nourishing their gravitational desires. Galaxies are devouring entire galaxies in the grandest exhibition of “bullying” yet. And why? Because God made it that way. And, in disbelief and astonishment you say WHY. The answer is very simple; to justify the death of His son Jesus in atonement. And again you say WHY? So He could be PERFECT LOVE. You must read my little classic science and philosophy book Wilderness Cry to gain full understanding. Amazon hard-copy $10.95, Kindle $4.99

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