Wilderness Cry-Hilary Hunt MD; God Contained?

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngI have been requested to post some of my research and idea generation for my book. I was raised a Catholic in a tiny west Ky. town of Fancy Farm which was 100% Catholic at the time. I was taught Roman Catholic doctrine with the scientific certainty of  math and physics. At age 7, when I made my first communion, the austerity was frightening. About age 12 I began to notice that nothing we, as a parish, or I individually, prayed for came to fruition. My priest told me it was God’s Will. I began right then to question the validity of prayers of petition. I was raised a pauper (6 boys and parents) in a 3 room shack with no electricity or facilities of any kind. In-spite of that I was valedictorian of my small class which earned me a scholarship to college. By the hardest, I was able to get through Med school and post grad training to become Orthopedic surgeon. I got married to my high school sweetheart after freshman year of med school. She was a great help with my studies and worked to support us. However the Church’s stance on artificial birth control brought more babies than we could handle. We managed by the hardest, but I realized the church’s stance was unreasonable. So I began my “journey of understanding”. I read and researched everything I could get my hands on. I could see all the problems but couldn’t find the answer. With advent of PC, research became easier. Suddenly, I realized the problem was in our concept of God; I had to define God. Once I did that, all the answers became instantly clear. All of my research made sense. I will try to post a list of my references asap. Hope this helps. If not satisfactory, let me know and I’ll respond in kind

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