Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD; References


  1. The Bible; New and Old Testaments’ many versions including Douay, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, the New American bible, King James, and many others too numerous to list.
  2. The Other Gospels- Ron Cameron- 1982- the Westminster Press Philadelphia
  3. A Short history of Nearly Everything- Bill Bryson- 2003- Broadway Books
  4. Catechism of the Catholic Church- second edition 1997
  5. Introductory Psychology- Alexander A. Schneiders, PhD- 1953-Rinehart & Company
  6. A Synthesis of Human Behavior- Joseph C. Solomon- 1954 Grune and Stratton
  7. Robert Frost- American Poet
  8. The Malleus Maleficarium of Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger- 1971- dover Publications, Inc., New York
  9. The Theory of Everything- Stephen W. Hawking- 2000- New Millennium Press
  10. The Grand Design- Hawking and Mlodinow- 2010- Bantam books
  11. Jesus Interrupted- Bart D. Ehrman- 2009- HarperCollins Publishers
  12. God’s Problem- Bart D. Ehrman- 2008- HarperCollins Publishers
  13. Correcting Jesus- Brian Griffith- 2009- Exterminating Angel Press
  14. Sex in history- Gordon Rattray Taylor- 1954- The Vanguard Press New York
  15. What Paul Meant- Garry Willis- 2006- Viking (The Penguin Group)
  16. Summa Theologica  2nd Edition- Thomas Aquinas

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