Wilderness Cry- Defining God and Trinity

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCan you, or have you ever heard a definition of God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s will? Likely not. Logically and Philosophically, no one is allowed to attempt to discuss anything or any entity they cannot define. People and preachers tongue-wag continually about those entities without the foggiest notion of about what they speak. The entities are real but they have no clue as to how nor why; they cannot define them. I do, and from those very clear, concise definitions come clearly all the seemingly imponderable answers to our existence. Before you can understand, you must read my book; only then can you ask legitimate questions and understand legitimate answers. The likely-hood is your questions will be few, but your understanding clear. All questions are welcome and will be answered with the clearest of answers. What about eternity: can you define it clearly and definitively? Likely not, but I do in no uncertain, irrefutable terms. Shouldn’t you know?

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