Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD-personality development

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngThe terrible shooting in Texas church and the “predictable” inability of our church leaders to explain it—why?— the reason is simple.  Their basic premise about God is so grossly incorrect. We all have been brainwashed with the idea that God is a “human-like” King , sitting on a throne deck out in glorious robes and crown, and Jesus, His little boy sitting beside him. That God has chosen us as his only people to the abandonment of everyone else; he can be bargained with; his mind can be changed. Then something like this happens and there is extreme wonderment and questioning about how our God could allow these things to happen.

I listened to preachers (protestant and catholic alike) all night long wallow all over their tongues with no sensible answer forthcoming. The reason is clear—they have no earthly idea about God’s Will (the Holy Spirit). They think of God as a string pulling puppeteer; if He likes you or you beg Him hard enough, He’ll protect you, but if He doesn’t like you or you ignore Him, He’ll make bad things happen to you—was not that the Jews’ concept of God?—are we not still shackled by that nonsense?

The reality is this— God made one, and only one creation, and that is the tiniest of energy particles known as quanta, of which everything in this universe is made. He commissioned each of them with his Holy Will (the Holy Spirit) to be perfect in form and function forever. That they have done and always will do until his plan is completed. Each of them is a mirror image of its’ Creator. Therefore, every instance of every occurrence in this universe is perfect and the direct consequence of all the consequences that went before.

Now lets apply that to the Texas gunman and every gunman who have killed so many. Also, lets apply it to all the church hierarchy who over the centuries have tortured and kill so many. It has to do with the psychology of personality development. When our life’s experiences and influences cause us to accept this type of behavior as “good”, and thereby get us pointed in the wrong direction, then the inevitable happens.

God does not interfere—he cannot without changing his “Perfect Nature” which is impossible.  Jesus knew that—he knew that each personality develops differently because each one’s experiences and influences are different. He recognized the “universal evil of Selfishness” which pervades us all. For that reason, he gave us two “dictums” for happiness (Love your God with your all and Love your neighbor as yourself). Sadly, these commandments, for the most part, have been ignored by organized religion; there’s no money, power , and control in those simple truths.

  For a clearer understanding of these principles, you must read my little book , Wilderness Cry; Amazon et al. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for any loved one or pastor.

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