Fear may be defined as a rational concern that someone or something is about to bring harm of some kind to oneself. For instance, rational people are likely to be fearful of terrible storms such as tornados, or small business owners may have legitimate fear of losing their businesses when the economy turns sour. There are literally a limitless number of events and circumstances which create meaningful fear. Irrational fears, known as phobias, are typically instilled in us as very small children — nyctophobia is an unwarranted fear of the dark — claustrophobia is fear of close places — acrophobia is inordinate fear of heights. Those psychologically generated fears (phobias) are dreadful and will last one’s entire life unless proper psychological therapy is received.

Courage, on the other hand, is the willingness to act despite a fearful or unpleasant circumstance. Bravery and courage are similar, but I believe bravery implies a determination to act in the face of real danger. Courage seems to imply a determination to act despite the possibility of vehement disagreement, ridicule, or disparagement. Bravery is acting in the face of real danger to one’s life or limb whereas courage is the determination to act in the face of injury to one’s character, social status, or psyche.

So, what’s the point? — simply this. For more than six years now, I have been writing and publishing, writing and publishing, writing and publishing. I have published four books and have written and published over 350 blogs. Three of my books are philosophy having to do with the nature of God and his universe. Of most importance is how they show, unequivocally, how all religion is invalid because not one of them has defined the essence of the god they are attempting to appease by their worship and sacrifices. I have shown how all their religious belief are based on astrology (pseudoscience of astronomy), mythology, superstition, witchcraft, and ignorance — they knew not one iota of science (truth). However, they have all survived and multiplied (now over 33,000 so-called Christian religions and sects alone) by using the tactic of ‘impaling their constituents on a spear of guilt’ created by their offenses against a vengeful god — punishment is thereby mandated and only the church can administer the protective and/or curative remedy. Of course, that remedy always comes at the cost of a ‘pretty penny’.

Prior to my writing, I had been desperately searching for a clue or clues to exactly what or who is this God I had been attempting to appease. I knew, in a general sense, from an experience with a young Jesuit priest who painted a realistic picture of the Trinity for me in 1958. He told me that God has a perfect intellect and that his reflection upon himself yielded an identical perfect intellect, the second person The perpetual loving, choosing, accepting, willing of those two carried the image of its generators and was the third person, the Holy Spirit, or the Will of God. I instantly recognized that truth, but I was unable to put it into proper context.

I ‘hit the jackpot’ about ten years or so ago when my endeavor and quest for more knowledge encouraged me to take an extensive course in the basics of Quantum Mechanics (particle physics). I had studied Classical physics which is the physics of the gross universe and its components, but I knew practically nothing about the subatomic world of particulate matter. A quantum is the smallest particle of matter which cannot be further subdivided. There are many different varieties of quanta, but each particle of a specific variety is indistinguishable from its counterparts. Furthermore, each particle is perfect in both in form and function, is unchanging and unchangeable, and not one is in existence now than at the moment of the ‘big bang’ 31.7-8 billion years ago.

 Consider what I just noted. Are we not talking about eternity when we say something is perfect and unchanging. When we say something is perfect in both form and function, are we not speaking of a perfect rationality. When we say there is a perfect rationality which exist in eternity, are we not speaking of God? And when we consider that every gross object in this universe is composed explicitly and completely of these perfect particles, are we not demanded to accept the fact that God exists directly in everything? I believe so without doubt. Jesus and Saint Francis of Assisi are the two most notable to share that awareness.

So, when this universe and everything in it reaches its demise, what’s left? — nothing but God. So, what happens to us and all other creatures which have existed on this earth and likely on millions of other earth-like planets? Who knows, but I’m inclined to believe we will ‘have an identity’ in God. With that astonishing discovery of Quantum physics, I was instantly able to define God: God is A Perfect Rational Being — God’s essence is Perfect Rationality.

Of course, that definition had so many implications, the most notable of which was the absolute invalidity of all religion which professed to appease a vengeful god. That discovery was startling to me. What was I to do?

With some fear and trepidation, I determined to go wherever the road led me — believe me, it led me to the most unexpected places. That trip was, and still is, so exciting. It prompted me to share that beautiful information with you, but at what cost?

I was afraid — fear of ridicule, rebuff, mockery, and belittlement. But then my fear turned into courage. I had to be courageous, otherwise, my discovery would go unrevealed.

I had learned years ago to try to never say anything of meaning I could not defend. In my practice of orthopedic surgery, I had literally hundreds, maybe thousands of occasions to, not only make but also, defend statements during legal depositions in medical cases. If I could not defend it, I never said it and, furthermore, I would never be coerced into saying or agreeing with any statement I could not defend. That attitude served my patients, their employers, and the legal system well. It became my personal motto.

So, my advice: if you have something of importance to say, have the courage to say it, but never say anything of importance unless you can defend it. When I was young, I made the mistake once of repeating something someone had said about someone else. That ‘someone else’ came back on me as though I was the instigator of the saying — if you’re fortunate, as I was, it will take only one time to learn that very important lesson.

So, seemingly, with my sudden ability to define God’s essence and all its implications, I had a ‘tiger by the tail’. I determined to tame that tiger by putting my newfound knowledge into book form. Not only that, but I would irrefutably defend it in that same writing. In addition, I would welcome meaningful debate. So far, more than six years later, I have had the following reactions: many, many, many have praised my work and expressed untold gratitude for my courage; several have asked for private audiences for clarification of things they did not understand — they all left elated and satisfied; a few expressed a little dismay, not at me, but at the truth I presented; not one has made even a vague attempt at rebuttal of me and my work — no one can — remember I won’t say it if I can’t defend it.

Mind you, I’m not saying that preachers and religious people are bad people — I truly accept that they believe what they have been taught and they feel they’re doing the right thing. I simply want to ‘set the record straight’. Just like Jesus, my aim is to remove from you that ‘terrible persecuting blanket of guilt’ imposed by religion so you may be happy and free to love God and neighbor as Jesus suggested we do. They hung Jesus on a tree for his efforts — thank God they can’t do that to me. I also thank God for the courage to do and say what I know to be truth.

My fourth book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky was written at the repeated behest of my Fancy Farm hunting buddies. They would hear me tell some tale of an experience from earlier days and literally demand that I write a book about my life growing up there. I finally relented —it has been a monumental success.

All my books are available from Amazon Kindle and from me, handg@comcast.net Please read the reviews of Wilderness Cry on Amazon — most are very confirming.

Buddhaism Christianity Eternity Faith Future of Christianity God God's Will gods Hilary L Hunt MD Hinduism HolyGhost Holy Spirit Islam Islam Christianity Jesus Judaism Judaism Buddhism Money Philosophy Power Religion religions salvation Science The Trinity

Buddhaism Christianity Eternity Faith Future of Christianity God God's Will gods Hilary L Hunt MD Hinduism HolyGhost Holy Spirit Islam Islam Christianity Jesus Judaism Judaism Buddhism Money Philosophy Power Religion religions salvation Science The Trinity

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