During our lifetimes, it is likely that all of us have observed that everything eventually wears out. What we may not have ascertained is that some things seem to wear out on their own of ‘old age ‘while other things seem to have a planned life span. As an example, fifty-seven years ago, my wife and I bought a Philco-brand upright freezer. We have used it in seven different houses in two different states, and it has never required service of any kind, and still works perfectly. I suspect if I bought an ordinary brand-name freezer today, it would be a rarity if I could get even ten years of uninterrupted service from it without a major repair of some kind, maybe many repairs. There are several reasons possible for that, but the most likely reason is what I call ‘planned obsolescence’. In fact, I did buy an upright freezer three years ago – two major repairs already. Thankfully, I had bought an extended warranty.

I believe ‘planned obsolescence’ mandates everything to be designed and/or constructed for a relative short life span. I suppose one could say it’s for economic reasons. If one could buy a freezer that would last fifty years without repairs today, it likely would be made of the highest quality materials and would be assembled by expert workers making high wages. Consequently, whereas I paid $375 for my old freezer when it was new, such a freezer in today’s economic climate would probably cost seventy-five to one hundred thousand dollars —affordable for a very few — not many workers required — insurance would be superfluous — economy would collapse – civilization would be forced back to ‘pioneer-day’ lifestyles. In fact, at the time I bought my old freezer, society was just recovering from two successive wars and was head over heels into a third, all of which, had pulled society from a pioneer-like existence of the Great Depression into an economic boom where people could afford such items as freezers— the demand had become great. However, manufacturers soon learned that their products were too good, and once the market was saturated, the demand fell off drastically creating another near depression-like environment saved only by the war in Vietnam.

The point I’m getting to is this; there seems, without doubt, to be a planned obsolescence in our entire universe. I have proposed that there is a prefect rationality in our universe and that perfect rationality stems from our Perfect Rational being who I call God. We humans seem to be the most rational beings ever to exist on this earth. Our rationality would appear to mimic that of our creator, albeit far inferior. So, with our reasoning powers, we have concluded that too much of a good thing, or too good-of-a-thing might be detrimental to our existence and wellbeing. We are constantly trying to come up with that exact correct formula — we certainly have not succeeded — we likely never will.  In the meantime, each of us is part of God’s obsolescence plan.

Archeological history shows us that millions and millions of creatures that once roamed this earth are no longer in existence. Without doubt, that seems to be God’s planned obsolescence at work — very likely, the earth could not support and sustain all those creatures and all which have evolved since. So, with his perfect wisdom and planning, he has given each species a timeframe of existence, but each member of that species has a much shorter timeframe on this earth —room must be made for new species and new members of existing species

Now here’s the rub; some human(s) with very imperfect rationalities, presuming to know God and his eternal plan, have positioned humanity as God’s ultimate invention. In fact, they have even described how and when Cod created both his universe and the first man and woman right down to the time of Jesus. In order to make their plan work out as desired, they took Jesus of Nazareth as their messiah and fabricated all sorts of stories and claims about him. Of course, their universe was what they could see — sun, moon, and stars of Milky Way Galaxy. In their ignorance, they had no idea nor any way of knowing that our earth and solar system was truly insignificant in the big scheme of things. Our little solar system is only one of billions in our galaxy alone. Furthermore, it would take light, traveling at 186,000 miles per second, one hundred thousand (100,000) years to traverse our galaxy alone. Now, considering that there are billions and even trillions of galaxies, each containing billions and trillions of stars (suns) in the universe, how significant do you suppose our tiny earth with its ever-rotating population of life is? How many millions or billions of planets similar to earth might there be? It seems almost certain that there should be many but with our limited rationality, we have discovered none yet.

Our earth, itself, under present condition of hostilities, is incapable of producing and distributing enough nutritious food to support its current population. Likely, it would be capable with proper cooperation of its inhabitants. However, it is now and almost always has been, incapable because of irrational religious belief which promote hostilities and wars among its residents — look at the world right this minute.

I believe that God created a deliberate plan of obsolescence for his entire universe which is so expansive no one can visualize it —we have no mental yardstick with which to compare it. It seems certain however, that each entity in this universe has a preplanned period of existence and material function. Even the mountains and grains of sand will eventually outlive their usefulness and come to their individual ends. That, of course, will take a very long time, but time means nothing to the Perfect Rationality which designed them in the first instance and, undoubtedly, has a plan for their demise. That Rationality exists in a state of eternity where there is no time.

How and when that time will come, no one knows for certain, but astrophysicists and cosmologists have suggested about seventy-five billion years from now. We do seem to know how the earth’s demise will come about. As a sun exhausts its hydrogen fuel supply, it gradually loses its internal gravity and begins to expand in diameter like a balloon being inflated. Our sun is predicted to realize its demise in about five billion years. On the way to its deathbed, it is predicted to expand to the point of engulfing the entire earth. Somewhere along the line, the earth will become uninhabitable to creatures of its current population – they could not survive the heat. So, quite obviously, most plants and animals living on the earth today will long since have become extinct — an exhibition of their planned obsolescence. However, what we don’t know, but which I strongly suspect, is other creatures more tolerant of extreme heat will have evolved and will be residents here. Since homo sapiens is a relative newcomer on earth (60-120,000 years), lots of things can come and go in a billion or two, or three years — wouldn’t you love to know what they will be like and what their intelligence levels will be? — I certainly would.

Scientists tell us the universe is expanding and its galaxies are moving away from each other in seeming defiance of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. However, Stephen Hawking suggested that possibly as they move, they are bending the space-time fabric of the universe, and, in reality, may be convoluting or bending the universe back on itself, in which case, Einstein’s Theory would still be in play — way too rich for my pea-sized intelligence. We do seem to know that each galaxy has a massive central black hole from which nothing can escape. It seems logical to assume that, since all quanta of energy were released from a singularity 13.7-8 billion years ago, God’s plan of obsolescence would mandate they return to a singularity — possibly through a process of black holes coalescing into one singularity — wish I knew.

I do not know anything for certain except this: with my definition of God’s essence as ‘A Perfect Rational Being’, there must be a perfect rationality to everything that has ever happened or ever will happen in this universe. All truth in this universe is contained in the perfect particles of energy of which everything in this universe is made and are collectively known as quanta. I believe, with no doubt, that they represent God in the real universe — they are God. All other gods and concepts of god are pure mythology. Therefore, all religion is mythology because all is based on a false concept of God. If you have doubts, please read my little books, Amazon-Kindle.

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