Do you remember when you first became aware that there was a God who made you and everything else in our world?  Depending upon our specific religious upbringing, it is likely that most of us were instilled with that understanding at a young age ranging from five to seven. Those raised in atheistic families may have developed that awareness from classmates or playmates at an older age. Regardless, one would need to have been raised in total isolation to have avoided that understanding. Those of us raised in a Christian tradition know that entity as God—others call it Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Brahma, etc. And each of those groups assigned specific attributes to their Deity. Indigenous people everywhere recognized hundreds of deities with specific names and duties.

According to the Old Testament, The Hebrews came to recognize a singular God who was responsible for everything in their universe including creation of the universe itself. They imagined their God as being totally separated from his creation—an overlord who was all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving. However, there was a ‘catch’ to the all-loving part—his love was conditional based on us and how we behaved. If we were good, he lavished us with all sorts of glorious wealth. Contrarily, if we disobeyed him, he would unleash his immeasurable anger and wrath upon us in a most vengeful way—pestilence, famine, enslavement, disease etc. In fact, the entire Israelite tribe was forced by famine to become enslaved for forty years by the Egyptians.

As an afterthought, have you ever wondered how or why the Egyptians came to be so successful? — after all, their god was pagan. I suppose, one could say God set the Egyptians up in wealth and grain just to teach the Israelites a lesson and, later, teach the Egyptians a lesson as well—seems like that’s what the narrator had in mind.

The point I’m getting to is the manner in which God’s all-powerful ability was imagined and demonstrated—it was, in fact, a purely human imagination at work. Of course, God was not finished with them. The Good Book relates a plight of the poor unfortunate Jews which was unrelenting in God’s wrath—an endless saga of misdeeds resulting in God’s all-powerful torment. Even Moses, their supreme leader, doubted God’s power—that doubt cost him a trip to the Promised Land.

So, lets fast forward to Jesus of Nazareth. By that time, God’s ongoing torment had allowed the Jews to be conquered by the Romans. But the sly Jewish leaders weren’t about to be outdone by God—they had a racket going and were not the least bit inclined to give it. The hierarchy of Judaism were bilking their subordinates while, at the same time, allowing them to be enslaved by the Romans without resistance. The Romans, on the other hand, were happy with the arrangement, because their resources had become depleted from continuous conquests, and they were happy with ‘the government within a government arrangement’.

The brilliant Jesus understood that picture well and, like all traitors before him, he became determined to rectify the situation. He was an insurrectionist but in a different way from the many who came before him—they all plotted in one way or another to overthrow both the Jewish government as well as the Romans. They were determined to have freedom from human oppression—they all met the same fate. They all were traitors, and all were crucified—the fate reserved explicitly for traitors.

Jesus had a different plan. It was not to be a physical overthrow of government—it was to be a subversive overthrow through re-educating the Jewish people about who God really was. Their God was mean—his God was All-Love. By virtue of that All-Love, God is All-Power, and All-knowing. Jesus was the first recorded person to recognize the presence of God in everything. Francis of Assisi and Meister Eckhart are notable others.

So, please now allow me to explain how God is All Powerful by virtue of his All-Loving nature. Before there was time, God existed in eternity in a state known as The Singularity—the universe did not exist. With his perfect intellect, God envisioned all the perfect particles of energy of which everything in existence is made, and with his Perfect Will (the Holy Spirit) he said “I love that, I choose that, I will that”—instantly all those particles appeared and began doing perfectly what they were designed to do—Time began. Collectively, those particles represent God’s reflection and are The Son Of God (second person of Trinity). The perpetual love relationship between God and His creation is the Holy Spirit (the Will Of God) which keeps them perfect. Since they are each perfect in form and function, are unchanging and unchangeable, and indistinguishable one from another of its kind, like God, they exist in eternity—they are God. Yet, they compose every gravid entity in existence, each of which is constantly changing which gives us time– the measure of change.

Now let’s consider the source of power. Emphatically, all power in our universe is vested in all the particles of energy which represent God’s Perfect Intellect and his Perfect Will. The instant they were released, they set about doing what they were designed to do. In their so doing they created a result, and that result generated other consequences ad infinatum. So, we see then that everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is the direct consequence of all the consequences which went before, beginning with the Big bang. There is no power in this universe that is not a direct consequence of the initial consequence. Every authority, every truth (knowledge), every gravity, every nuclear reaction, every energy of any sort is the direct consequence of God’s Perfect Rationality. We can and must readily see and accept that God cannot possibly change himself—even he must accept his own perfection.

What then are the consequences of God’s All-Power? Simply this—nothing unnatural (outside of God’s perfect rational order) can possibly occur. If it were possible for such to occur, we would have to admit to God’s schizophrenia—not a chance.

With that knowledge and understanding, where does that leave us mere mortals who for centuries have been brainwashed into thinking God can do anything he wants, even outside his own realm of perfection? I don’t know about you, but I can tell you about me—it left me buried in one gigantic ball of bewilderment, confusion, and quandary. My common sense and intuition told me the Biblical God did not exist—it was a myth, but I didn’t know why. Finally, I discovered the ‘why’—everyone talked about God, but no one could tell me who or what he is— I had to discover that for myself. Finally, after sixty-five years, in unbelievable ecstasy, I discovered his hiding place—God is a Perfect rational being outside of whom no truth exists.

The ramifications of that revelation are staggering–all religion ever proposed or practiced is illegitimate. All prayer, except a contrite acknowledgement of our selfish relationship with our fellow man, and thanksgiving to our God for our existence, is illegitimate. Begging God to do something contrary to his very nature is blasphemous. Physical miracles are impossible.

Yes, God is All-Power within the domain he, himself created—he does not have the power to change his Perfect Rationality. What, then, should be our attitude about our religion? I have observed that most churches seem to have evolved into a communal feel-good organization, and I believe that feel-good is good. However, it should not be exclusionary as I have observed it to be in so many cases. Don’t you believe that we would be better off if we had just one feel-good organization, where everyone was on the same page with God? I do, and because of that, four years ago I issued a call for The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality, which entails the understanding and acceptance that the Spirit of God is imprinted onto each particle of energy of which we are made, and as such we, and all creation are one, with and in God.

For better understanding, please read my little books, Wilderness cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. They are available Amazon-Kindle, and from me,

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