likely, all who profess some form of Christianity have been told the same thing about God—he exists in Trinity form. Many do not believe it—none understand it. All have been told that the Trinity, while being factual, is not understandable for us mere mortals, and under the current perceptions of God, that is absolutely true. Notice, I use the term ‘current perceptions’ because God is perceived by each individual differently. Superficially, we all presume that God means the same to each of us—that is an absolute false perception for one simple but most important reason—no one before me has ever defined the ‘essence of their God’. Therefore, everyone’s God is different and, coincidentally, a pure myth. Nothing, including God, has concise meaning without an essential definition of its being.

Each of us could be likened to the ‘mythical Martian’ who suddenly appears on earth. When earthlings begin talking to him about a pencil, for instance, he, in turn, has not the foggiest idea what we are talking about. So, he does the obvious intelligent thing—he asks, “what is a pencil?” For him to understand, we must explain to him the basic essential function and purpose of a pencil—then, and only then will he be able to comprehend and communicate intelligently with us. It is no different with God—we all are Martians when the Bible, a preacher, teacher, or anyone starts talking to us about God. Before we can comprehend, they must define the essence or their God. No one before me has ever defined the ‘essence of God’ in simple, irrefutable terms, but my definition makes the Trinity perfectly clear and intelligible.

God is a Perfect Rational Beingsix little words concisely say it all.

So. lets break that definition down and explore its attributes which make the Trinity clearly understandable. When we say ‘God’, we include any and all deities ever suggested—call it what you may, there can be only one Supreme being—a rose by any other name is still a rose. Therefore, we will use the name God to indicate our Supreme Being. Supreme means greater than all others.

When we say ‘is’, we men God is always in the present, eternal.

When we say ‘a’, we mean that God is singular—there is none other.

When we say ‘Perfect’ we mean complete—nothing missing—nothing can be added or subtracted. Such implications are enormous—we will explore a few later.

When we say ‘Rational’, we refer to the two qualities or attributes of rationality—an intellect which perceives and a will which achieves—God’s basis for existing in Trinity—I will explain shortly.

When we say ‘Being”, we refer to God’s existence.

Now let’s turn to the Trinity. How does it come to be and why? We begin by considering God’s ‘Perfect Intellect’. We must ask what a prefect intellect would perceive, reflect upon? The obvious answer is ‘something perfect’, if it were available. Since God, himself, is the only Perfect existence, God reflects inwardly upon himself, and what he sees is a reflection of himself, Perfect and complete just as he is. Now we have two images of God and, since they each exist in eternity, each is a living being, perfect and complete in every respect. Now, we have two Perfect Beings perceiving each other. What choice do they have except to accept, love, choose, will each other? —none. Would it be possible for two Perfect Rational Beings, mirroring each other, to reject each other—not a chance—such an action would demonstrate total irrationality which we humans have dubbed ‘insanity’, and which means ‘total loss of contact with realty’. So, the Father and Son have no rational choice except to Love, Accept, Choose, Will each other. That perpetual Loving, Choosing, Accepting, Willing each other carries the image of its Generators—we call it the Holy Spirit—the Will of God—the Third Person of Trinity. So, there you have a perfectly clear, easy to visualize, verbal graphic of the trinity. And yet, you have always been told that we simpletons could not comprehend and understand the Trinity. Believe me, it is a grave inconvenience to ‘organized religion of any kind’ to have to swallow the truth about God and The Trinity — it totally negates the legitimacy of their existence.

How then are we justified in speaking of and defining the essence of Trinity? The graphic description just presented of Trinity God becomes rational only in the understanding of our universe, how it came into being, and what it is made of. Lack of that knowledge is the reason no on before me was able to define God’s essence and, ultimately, define Trinity God. I am astounded, that of all the brilliant particle physicists in the world, of which I am not one, as far as I can determine, not one of them has attempted such a definition.

We know from those brilliant scientists, that the universe had it temporal beginning nearly fourteen billion years ago—please note, I used the term ‘temporal beginning’. That was when ‘time’ began. Prior to that, everything existed in an unchanging state of eternity—scientists call that state ‘singularity’—I chose to call it God. At the moment, God chose to convert (release) his energy in the form of all the energy particles which make up all gravid existences in the universe, change=time began. We know a lot about those particles. Some of their more salient features are these: there are several types of these particles to which we have given names such as electron, photon, quark, boson etc.; not a single particle, more or less, exists today that did not exist at the time of the ‘Big bang’ when God released them; no particle in any class is distinguishable from its counterparts; all are perfect in both form and function; none are changing or changeable.

With that description of God’s particles of energy, what can we say? They are perfect in form and function, they are indistinguishable from their counterparts, they are unhanging and unchangeable, none are absent, none have been added, each can be in billions and billions of places simultaneously—are we not describing both God and eternity? But yet they comprise the entire universe which is constantly changing—a living organism in perpetual, selfish, need. With that knowledge and understanding, we must conclude that it is God’s Will, the Holy Spirit which keeps each of them Perfect. It was Gods Perfect Intellect which perceived them—collectively, they, in turn, represent a mirror image of God. Therefore, all creation is the Son of God—the second person of the Trinity. With that knowledge and understanding, we can comfortably say that all creation is included in God. Contrarily, we are not allowed to say or suggest that this universe is the sum total of God, because we know not whether there are other universes or existences beyond our scope of understanding.

God made only one creation in our universe— all those aforementioned energy particles which immediately began doing perfectly what they were commissioned to do—they immediately formed protons and neutrons which together with electrons formed the atoms of all the basic elements in our universe. Those atoms then began reacting with each other to form molecules and compounds— perpetual change, ‘time’ began. Many call that continuing process ‘evolution’—I prefer to call it ‘Gods continuing creation’.

Many people have recognized God’s presence in all things. The three people, most notable to me, are Jesus of Nazareth, Francis of Assisi, and Meister Eckhart. Each knew that God was all love—he could not possibly reject anything he had created. Each rejected the religion of the Jews which purported to wordship a god through appeasement—all for control and financial gain.

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Jesus’ only message was ‘love’—love of God and neighbor. His only intention was to ‘liberate’ us from the terrible, persecuting, blanket of guilt imposed by the Hebrew religion—they had him killed for his treason. The Christian Church, which was commissioned by Emperor Constantine some 300 years later, completely ignored Jesus’ teachings and patterned itself exactly after the Jewish religion—all for power, control, and money. To date, nothing has significantly changed.

Meister Eckhart recognized the miniscule concept of God presented by the Jews and perpetuated by the Catholic Church and all so-called Christian churches. He spent his entire life attempting to define God’s essence, but because he knew no science, he failed. However, his heretical writings and preaching caught the eyes and ears of the Inquisition—thankfully, he died before they could burn him to death.

Francis of Assisi also recognized the presence of God in all things. Like Jesus and Meister Eckhart, he knew no science and, therefore, could not define God’s essence, but his instincts led him to see God in all things. His simple life and philosophy caught the eyes and ears of the Catholic Church. Grudgingly, they tolerated him because he had many followers—Franciscans have always lived on the edge of Catholicism.

Now, let’s turn our attention to God’s Perfection. By its very nature, something perfect is whole and complete, and cannot be changed. Therefore God cannot possibly be either pleased or hurt—if that were possible, he would be grossly imperfect. Therefore, it should be perfectly obvious that begging God to perform a miracle or make something unnatural happen is tantamount to blasphemy. We are the ones who must bend our will to God rather than his bending to us. In that light, our only justifiable prayer is a great big ‘Thank you God for my life, my sustenance, and my eternal home with you.

There are a gazillion implications stemming from Gods Perfect Rationality—I have highlighted only a few in explaining The Trinity.

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For those who are not aware, I have catalogued many of the obvious implications of God’s perfection, and they all demonstrate clearly the false nature and invalidity of all known religion. Those books are Wilderness Cry, Provocative Catholic, and Peace in Spirituality. In addition, I have published a little book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky, which will give you keen insights into the author’s background. All are available at Amazon-Kindle.

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