LAW—Hilary L Hunt MD

Just what is a law, anyway? A law may be defined as a rule or regulation established by the rulers of any society or organization for the common good of its members. We hear and speak of many different types of law. For instance, we speak of Mosaic Law when referring to events during the time of Moses and afterwards. Then we have God’s law, Church law, Natural law, Civil law, Federal law, State law, City law etc. Some Islamic states impose Sharia law on their citizens. So, what then is the underlying purpose of laws? A simple answer would be,” a general intention of protecting any society’s constituents from the aggressions or delinquencies of others”. At first glance, all that may sound good. However, I believe upon closer inspection and understanding, it is possible we may lose some of our comfort and confidence in some law.

We recognize that essentially all law of Western society stems directly from Mosaic Law as perpetuated by and through the Abrahamic religions. Therein lies a potential problem, because Mosaic Law was synonymous with God’s Law . Immediately, problems arise because no-one knew (knows) who God is. So the laws as promulgated and propagated throughout the centuries have been based on irrational concepts of a Supreme Being who generally has its basis in the pseudoscience of astrology stemming from the Egyptians some fourteen thousand years ago. Mind you, I am not in any way suggesting a discretization of law. I will state, however, my rejection of the so-called God’s law as well as Natural Law upon, both of which, religion and Church Law is based.

Thomas Aquinas went to great lengths attempting to distinguish between God’s Law and Natural Law, and, thereby justifying and explaining Church Law which is so demeaning, controlling and damming. Through his state of blatant ignorance of basic science, he was unable to see and understand, as Francis of Assisi did, that God’s Law and Natural Law are one and the same.

My definition of the essence of God as perfect rationality, speaks clearly to the fact that God’s nature pervades all existences, elsewise none could be. If a Perfect God imagined and chose all, then the obvious pertains—God loves all with no exceptions or expectations. Therefore, simply stated, God’s Law is the Perfect Nature of every existence which negates any idea of God issuing any demanding, demeaning, controlling edicts—those were the man-made ideas of Moses, all for the purpose of control, but were rapidly seized upon by the ensuing Israelite rulers as a money-making machine.

Then Jesus entered the picture. He attempted to explain to the world God’s perfect love—the Jews killed him for that. He knew they would, but he hoped to get his message out beforehand. I suspect he did, but we’ll never know for sure—most of the corrupted writings we have paint a different picture of Jesus. The Jesus-church which developed after his death certainly ignored any such teaching. In fact, The Catechism of the Catholic Church consists of nine hundred 6″ x 9″ pages of fine-print laws—rules and regulations.

The stranglehold on its members, thus developed and expanded over the last seventeen centuries, was intended to make certain that the Church never loses control of their money-machine. The ongoing fiasco between president Biden and Catholic Church officials is a total mockery and sham. If any of us, peons, behaved in such a manner, we have been excommunicated in a flash. But, to excommunicate the President of the United States— a horse of a different color. What would be the consequences of such an action? President Biden has opened our southern border to limitless ingress of illegal immigrants, most of whom are ‘Catholic’—just what the Church wanted. Would they loose that? Then, of course, how many Catholic, Biden supporters would the Church lose as a consequence of such an action? No one knows for sure, but I’m certain many fence-straddlers would ‘jump ship’.

Another major consequence the Church fears would be the loss of the White House to Trumpites. Just recently, I read a speech given by Pope Francis, in which he expressed a hope for borderless nations, and the far left liberals seem to hold a similar attitude. You don’t suppose Pope Francis aspires to a world Theocracy of the Roman Catholic Church just as it once was, do you? The Trumpites would certainly frown upon that.

The bottom line is this: God gave us no law except his Natural law which says, “each effect is the direct consequence of all foregoing consequences, and is always perfect for its set of conditions”. That consideration brings us squarely face to face with our ‘rules of conduct”. I’m here to tell you God has no concern of any kind about how we conduct ourselves—doing so would negate his perfection. But we do and we should—its up to is to regulate our behavior. We must determine what is allowed or not allowed, and what the possible consequences might be for any legal breach. The only thing God had to do with it all was allow us to come into being equipped with the tools of rationality patterned after his.

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Even as I write, the sham expose over president Biden and abortion demonstrates clearly why and how religion should not play any part in the law. People are free to believe and practice as they please so long as it is ‘legal’—the founding fathers of the USA knew that. They also knew that religion must never directly interfere with government and Civil Law. Of course, it would be sheer folly to think that religion would never interfere—the people who ‘make the rules’ for the most part profess some religion which undoubtedly influences their decision-making. Be that as it may, any time a Church sticks its nose into our legal system, we all lose.

So here we go with the ‘bottom line’—until there is a universal, like-minded, acceptance of the Essence of God which mandates the presence of God’s Spirit in all things, peace can never be achieved. Therefore, I reiterate my call for recognition and acceptance of THE WORLDWIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. All those concepts are defined, explained and expanded in my three books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. I strongly urge you to study them.

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