I am not unaware that much time has elapsed since my last post—for that I apologize. However, there is always an explanation for everything and that is no exception—simply, I have not had time to cover my other obligations and write also. This is spring planting season, and since I have committed myself to a rather engaging vegetable production process, I have found it impossible to do both at once—at 87 years of age, I’m devoting eight to ten hours of vigorous manual labor to those projects daily. Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel—two more weeks to go. However, with big rainfall going on now, I have a slight forced reprieve from manual labor—so I write—my other labor of love.

As I work in our vegetable gardens, My mind whirls endlessly about what I wish to tell you—mainly point out what seemingly should be obvious, but what appears to escape the average human rationality. Our lives always have been, are now, and will continue to be regulated by pure unadulterated nonsense—only you can change that—I’m here to help.

We must begin with a definition of terms—let’s begin with mirage . A mirage is a visual experience of apparent reality, but which, in fact, does not exist. It is caused by heat waves radiating upward from a hot surface creating a visual illusion of objects which do not exist. I have experienced mirages dozens of times traveling through the southern deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. Most often the mirages were of vehicles that weren’t real—but also green trees etc. I remember well in the late 1940’s-early 50’s, the Sons Of The Pioneers record a song called Cool Water. It depicted the perpetual tormenting mirages of oases experienced by a desert traveler and his horse Dan as they searched desperately for water. Mirages give us a glimmer of hope only to drop us like a lead ball. The one saving grace—we know we’ve been fooled—we face reality.

So, what is a myth? In general, a myth may be defined as an explanation for the existence or cause of something which has no basis in fact. One must ask: “where do/did myths come from”. From earliest recorded history, we are able to ascertain that essentially all explanations of cause/effect were based on myths. Humans have always had an unbridled imagination—they had to explain everything even though they knew nothing. Consequently, all their conclusions had no foundation in fact—that made little difference—The earth was flat, the earth was the center of the universe, the moon sun, moon and stars controlled events in their lives, etc. Those fallacious myths became the foundation upon which most religions, specifically the three Abrahamic religions, were built. Does it surprise you that those identical myths still form the foundation for organized religion? In light of what we know today, have you ever ask yourself if you are being duped by your religion—and if so why? That why demands scrutiny.

How often we hear or even use the term mystery—it’s an everyday occurrence. You’ll hear statements like, “It’s a mystery to me”. Having witnessed such a common, everyday usage might lead us to take a rather blasé approach of understanding to a mystery. In truth, mystery may be defined as a known or accepted fact or set of circumstances without a known scientific explanation or cause. So, what does that mean? It means that we recognize something to be a presumed truth without knowing the cause or factual foundation of that truth. As Christians, Jews and Muslims, we are asked to invest our lives in mysteries. Our lives are completely regulated by mysteries originating four thousand years and longer ago—we are asked to believe without a smidgen of evidence. Those same people who made their proclamations of mysteries in ancient times lived in caves and either walked or rode an ass for transportation. The modern-day promulgators of those same mysteries live in mansions and fly around the world in scientifically developed jet airplanes. So, one simple question—who are the benefactors of mysteries?—I’ll give you one guess.

Now we come to miracles. How would you define a miracle? In short, a miracle would properly be defined as a dramatic physical change which seems to be contrary to the laws of nature. Having thus defined a miracle, we are duty-bound to explore the possible causes of so-called miracles. First, I will state emphatically that there is no such entity as a physical miracle. A physical miracle would entail God changing his nature—not a possibility—God is perfect and incapable of change. Second, an event which seems to be a physical miracle does have a scientific basis that is not yet understood. I have heard of many ‘spontaneous’, unexplained cures of apparent incurable ailments—we have much to learn of God’s perfection As ‘smart’ as we are, I doubt we could identify a tiny scratch-mark on the immense globe of God’s perfect knowledge. So, the miracles continue—and who are the benefactors? I suggest to you there are two—the perpetrators of the ‘miracle myth’, and those who succumb to the myth that God loves them more than their neighbors. Remember, God loves us each equally and completely—his love is Perfect.

A misunderstanding may stem from several different causes. Often it is derived by lack of comprehension of a statement, directive, or problem. Whatever, the base situation, the misunderstanding is always generated by ignorance—if we do not understand (comprehend), we are seldom able to act/react appropriately.

Last, we come to misgivings which I think can be best expressed or explained as a doubt about something. Humans have misgivings about millions of considerations, and many, if not most, are based on ignorance. A classic example is evidenced by the reticence of many to take the COVID-19 immunization injections. Misgivings are also observed in other animal species. In my lifetime, I have observed rather extreme reluctance and hesitance by a team of mules pulling a farm wagon to cross a narrow wooden bridge. Also, I have witnessed my favorite dog, exhibit extreme caution and reluctance when digging rats from their underground dens—even greater caution while excavating a poisonous copperhead snake.

So, what do all those M-words have to do with our lives. In short, those concepts effect and affect our existences on a moment to moment basis, and nowhere more so than in the field of religion. The three Abrahamic religions seem to be the biggest culprits. Each begins by throwing a big blanket of guilt over us by telling us how bad we are. Furthermore, they each paint for us a picture of death and destruction at the hands of a vengeful God. But there is a catch—God can be appeased by one of the thousands of religious sects, each of which proclaim absolute authenticity and authority. They each speak of mysteries and miracles, all of which are generated through myths. Many latch onto one of those sects as a security blanket in the firm belief, generated by misunderstandings, that they have found salvation. Often they become hostile to other sects—they even go to war in their defense.

Others frequently experience misgivings about their own religion or religion in general. They may become perplexed by some of their church’s teachings, and begin searching for a different church with more reasonable teachings—I sincerely doubt they ever are completely convinced. They have continued misgivings.

There is a very simple explanation for all the confusion and it is this—not a single religion or sect knows what they are talking about—not one of them can define the God of whom they speak and teach. Each, in turn, is totally irrational. Not knowing God has led them to ascribed all sorts of attributes to their God, and all based on pure myths. I say their God because it is theirs, and theirs alone—no two people who ever existed have the same God because none has ever defined his/her God—I have.

God is a Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Rationality pervades everything. It dispels all myth and mirages—it explains all mystery—it eliminates all miracles—it gives perfect understanding—it eliminates all misgivings. More importantly, it yanks that horrible blanket of guilt from us and exposes God’s Perfect Love for each of us and all his creation. It completely eliminates the legitimacy of any and all forms of religion.

As I see it, the only justifiable form of spiritual gathering would be a joyous coming together expressing praise and thanksgiving to our God for our existence, our sustenance, and our salvation through the sacrificial, liberating death of Jesus, our brother. Mind you, God expects nothing from us. He is perfect and complete—he has no expectations. However, it would likely do us good to keep reminding ourselves of God’s love through praise and thanksgiving to him.

If you never do another thing in your life, please read my little book, Wilderness Cry-A Scientific And Philosophical Approach to Understanding God And The Universe. It will be a game-changer for you. It is available from all on-line retailers. I know many of you have read it—read it again and again. You will be blessed and freed.

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