SPIRIT–Now, here’s an interesting word that is used with many different connotations. One of the most common, of course, is the Holy Spirit. In the not too distant past, the Holy Spirit was referred to as the Holy Ghost. Quite obviously, since no one has ever seen a ghost, each person will likely have a different image or understanding of a ghost. They might even think of a ghost as a goblin or, conversely, as an angel. Whatever the case, each person has a different ideation.

Another less common, but fairly often, use is in describing a person’s demeanor or approach to a specific subject, usually a sport. For instance, we may sometimes hear someone say something like, “she sure has spirit”, or “that sure is a spirited horse”, or “he has drive (spirit) like there’s no tomorrow”, etc.

Many liquor store marques read, “Beer–Wine–Spirits”. Of course, what those Spirits refer to is high content alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, gin, vodka and the likes. The early Native Americans had a special name for them—they called them Firewater—I wonder why.

In most instances, what we are referring to when we say spirit is drive or driving force. That force may be applied in both directions, either as repelling, like a bat striking a ball, or attracting, such as a magnet. That drive can be ‘stored or dormant’ such as electricity in batteries. Energized electric lines stand ready to deliver the full spirit or drive of their current flow—all they need in order for it to be applied is for someone to open the gate (switch).

The spirit I want to address, specifically, today is love, which falls into the category of ‘magnet-like’, attractive, forces—love is acceptance. When we say, ‘I love you’, what we’re really saying is, ‘I accept you’—my spirit accepts yours. Love is the exact opposite of hate which is a force of rejection and repelling. Synonyms for spirit are love, will, choose, accept. Now lets apply that concept to the Holy Ghost (Spirit).

As many of you know, I have defined the essence of God: God is a Perfect Rational Being. That definition demands that God exist in Trinity form. Please allow me to explain. Before there was time, God existed in eternity in a state of ‘stored energy’ known as the Singularity. However, with his perfect intellect, he reflected inwardly and saw a mirror image of himself—perfect in all respects (the Son). Then, there were two Perfect Intellects viewing each other—they had no choice except to love, will, choose, accept each other—two perfect, identical, intellects could not possibly reject each other—such a thought would be ‘perfect irrationality’. That loving, choosing, willing, accepting of each other is the Holy Spirit, the Will of God, the third person of the Trinity.

What God visualized, imagined, intellectualized, while he existed in the state of singularity, was each and every perfect quantum (particle of energy) of which everything in existence is made, Cumulatively, they represent a reflection of their creator—they are the Son. Since each of those particles is prefect in both form and function, and since each is indistinguishable from its counterparts, and since each is unchanging and unchangeable, they do now, always have, and always will exist in eternity—they are God. It is the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit (the Will of God, the Acceptance of God, the Love of God, the Choosing of God), which is ‘branded’ onto each particle and keeps each perfect, just as their creator is perfect. That bonding and binding is perfect—an unbreakable force.

Therefore, each of us, everything in existence, and every occurrence of any kind is the direct result of the Will of God. It is impossible for God to hate (reject) anything he has made—God is Prefect Love—God is The Holy Spirit.

The brilliant Jesus recognized that identical philosophy to be absolute truth. Jesus condemned no one—he did cite some for being hypocrites. He said that Love is the only answer—love of God, and love of all others. There are very few places in the written word we have which verify that concept—the two most notable are in Marks Gospel where he ‘spells it out’ with his two commands of love, and in John’s first letter which infers it.

The Jews killed Jesus for his ‘traitorous teaching’. Moreover, those who wrote and rewrote the Bible ad nauseum certainly appear to have tried to hide his teachings, ostensibly, because those teachings negated the writer’s ‘religion cause’. The only place I can find where Jesus freely lays it out, which has been preserved, is in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas. That Gospel, along with many fragments of other Coptic writings, was discovered in a cave near Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945. Its content shows it to be contemporary to, or to predate the Canonical writings we have. It was rejected by the Bishops at the First Nicaean Council for obvious reasons—it clearly negated their need ‘to be’—it clearly negates any and all forms of religion. It does, however demonstrate Jesus’ inherent understanding of Triune God—Jesus knew and clearly stated over and over that the Spirit of God was in everybody and everything in existence, including himself. Jesus despised religion and all of its perpetrators. Furthermore, he saw himself as the image of God who was to be the Eternal Sacrifice for all of the evil (selfishness) in our totally selfish temporal universe which his Father had created. Jesus had zeal which is another good synonym for spirit.

The second of my two philosophy books, Peace in Spirituality, clearly spells out the meaning of spirit in Spirituality, and the absolute necessity for universal spirituality before peace can be achieved.

In recognition of that principle, more than two years ago, I called for The World-Wide Communion of Spirituality. So far, I have seen no heedence of that call. Still, there exists a desperate, urgent, need for spiritual union among us all—sadly, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Nevertheless, the call must be continually propagated so that, sooner or later, hopefully, it will be heard and honored by more and more people. It must become an unrelenting drive and ‘rally cry’ among us—the loving call of spirit—the glue that binds us together— loving acceptance of God and each other.

Wilderness Cry by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

Peace in Spirituality by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

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