REMISS–this word implies lack of care or concern for duty; negligent. We often hear people make excuses for their seeming ‘lack of concern’, such as, ‘well, I didn’t know it was that important, or I’d have———‘, or ‘she didn’t do her job well because she’s just lazy’. There are at least a million ways someone may be ‘remiss’, but I believe one of the most common is failure to ‘share meaningful’ information with others.

From a personal standpoint, a few years back, I made a startling discovery, and I felt compelled to share it with you in my little book Wilderness Cry. That title belies the book’s contents—it refers to ‘my voice crying out for truth from a wilderness of , mythology, superstition, astrology, ignorance, arrogance, and deceit.

I was born and raised in a one hundred per cent Catholic community, deep in the heart of the ‘Bible belt’, in far western Kentucky. The first eighteen years of my education were in Catholic institutions—I was very indoctrinated in Catholic Dogma and theology. At a very early age I began to quandary some of those doctrines, and as time progressed, so did my list of questions grow—no suitable answers were to be found.

The most fundamental question of all concerned the very nature of God, himself—just who is this biblical God? During sixty five years of intense research and study, I learned that many, many, great thinkers and theologians had asked the same question. Each, in turn, realizing the rather miniscule image painted of the biblical God, had attempted to ‘define the essence’ of the ‘real God’—all failed.

At age seventy, I took a course in Quantum Mechanics (particle physics)—there I made startling discoveries. Every gravid object in existence is made up of tiny particles of energy with various identities. Each of its kind is identical to its counterparts. Furthermore, each is perfect in both form and function. Not any one of them can be further subdivided, nor can any one of them change or be changed. Therefore, they exist in eternity. Even though they make up all of the finite material objects in existence, they, themselves, are infinite and eternal. Wow!!! Are we not speaking of God? Did the lights not just come on? Do we not now know who God is? I do.

God is a Perfect Rational Being. That ‘essential definition’ solves all mysteries. More importantly, it refutes all religion and all myths associated with religion.

I would have been terribly remiss by not sharing that information with you. All your open-minded questions are answered there.

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