MYTHS AND MYTHOLOGY—A ‘myth’ may be defined as ‘a widely held but false belief or idea’. ‘Mythology’ may be defined as ‘the adaptation of myths into a philosophy of cultural beliefs and practices, especially religion’.

When we take a look at the derivation of religions in ancient times, we discover that each religious belief and practice was based on a false narrative. Fourteen thousand years ago, the obviously brilliant Egyptians connected the dots of adjacent stars to form various animal entities. They accurately calculated the time required for each character to rotate off the horizon and called it an ‘age’. Because each character was of different dimension, the ages ranged in time from about 1800 years to 2200 years. The word Zodiac means ‘circle of animals’, and the Zodiac as designed by them contained twelve characters—the time required for the complete rotation of the Zodiac characters was calculated to be about 25,960 years. They were, in fact, ‘pretty smart dudes’.

So, given that scientific (mathematical) observation to be true, what happened next? In their earnest desire to explain the events in their lives, and, indeed, explain the meaning of their existence, they began using that ‘known fact’ in a mythological way—they began rationalizing. They perceived deities who had specific duties and/or attributes, and they gave them names. Those deities were usually representative of some celestial body. Later on, the Greeks did likewise. The great Greek philosopher Socrates was sentenced to death because of his insistence on ‘essential’ explanations of everything, including gods. His acolytes Plato and later on Aristotle attempting to define the essence of matter devised the term ‘atom’ which means the smallest indivisible particle of matter. They had no tools at the time to explain their hypothesis, so, in reality, they had no realistic idea about an atom. Of course, they were proven wrong my modern scientists—a quantum is the smallest indivisible particle of energy (matter)—not only that but each quantum is perfect in both form and function.

It is noteworthy that the writer(s) of Genesis recognized ‘one true God’ two hundred years or so before Socrates time. While the ‘one true God’ is likely to be factual (that can’t be proven), the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses was/is also a myth—and now I can hear you screaming, stomping and pulling your hair out—you are calling me every despicable name known—how dare I say that? And I say, ‘its mandatory’—if you cannot ‘define the essence of your god, your god is a myth’. The Athenians killed Socrates for demanding essential definitions. Socrates knew that nothing has meaning without an essential definition. In other words, using plain simple language, if you say it and can’t define it, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about, and neither does anyone else’.

At an early age, I recognized the ‘deficient image’ of the God as presented to me. Instinctively, I knew something was wrong but I had not the tools with which to correct it. My studies and quandary led me through many cracks, crevices, twists and turns before , by sheer good fortune, I was able to ‘honor Socrates demand’—I was able to do something never before done—I was able to ‘define the essence of my God, and to do so in ‘irrefutable terms’—My God is a Perfect Rational Being—and so is yours—if you only knew it. However, truth is always truth whether or not we have discovered it—the gold in the hills of California was always there before 1849—it just hadn’t been discovered yet.

My definition of God’s essence says it all—it explains all in clear, concise, unquestionable terms. It graphically explains the Trinity, Soul, Eternity, Heaven—it precisely dispels the ‘myths’ of Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, Physical Miracles, and much more. It dispels the myths surrounding Jesus—his birth, life, death, and beyond. It does, however, lend credence to who the real Jesus was/is—he and we and everything in existence are of that same essence. That same Spirit of God permeates everything in existence—otherwise, it could not be. Jesus was the messenger, the one and only messenger to understand that—he was the cristus, the light (enlightenment) of the world. He told us who God is—God is all love. God created every tiny perfect particle of energy of which everything is made—he commissioned them to perform perfectly. That, they have done, and because they are perfect and unchanging, they exist in eternity—they are God. God could not possibly reject himself.

No one can prove the existence of God—neither can anyone disprove God’s existence. However, knowing, scientifically, that everything in existence is perfect in both form and function makes it philosophically sound to accept a concept of God, and that God is a Prefect Rational being. It is not some grizzled old man sitting on some mythical cloud in some mythical place—it is, however, a Perfect Being who exists in a state of unchanging and unchangeable eternity—a state of being where time, which is a measure of change, is impossible.

Therefore, all of the myths promulgated in the Bible and perpetuated by organized religion are just that—pure, unadulterated mythology, straight out of the astrological, zodialogical playbook of Egyptian and Greek mythology. The pity is this—here we are, scientifically, and psychologically educated, rational human beings, patterned after the rationality of their creator, and we are still mired in the swamp of mythology from 14,000 years ago. Will we ever shed that ‘dead snake skin’ and turn to the teaching of the ‘real Jesus’. ‘Moses gave you ten commandments, but I give you two—hear ye, oh Israel, thou shalt love your God with your whole self, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself (paraphrased)’. It is then and only then that peace can prevail.

For those of you who have not read my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality, I strongly urge you to do so, that you may obtain a clear understand of what you just read.

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