MIRACLES—Do you believe in them—if so, why—if not why? I suspect that most who do believe in miracles do so because they have been taught (led to believe) that by begging God to so something spectacular for them, sometimes it actually happens. Of course, there is usually an associated anticipation that it will happen—and the greater the anticipation over an entirely menial request, the greater the likelihood that the request will come to fruition.

Now let’s review miracles from an historical perspective. If you will recall, all pre-Christian religion was bases on mythology, astrology and superstition—there was very little science (known truths) about anything—the earth was flat, the sun was the center of the universe etc. Therefore, imaginations ran wildly rampant. The tricksters (Magi) soon caught on that they could impress people and control their imaginations very readily.

The Zodiac had long since been recognized as the controlling influence over literally everything. Therefore a Magus (magician), who was readily recognized as an expert in interpreting the constellations and their activities, had little trouble convincing his audience that he was performing a miracle right before their very eyes. The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is filled with descriptions of miracles, one after the other.

Aslan, a super credentialed student of such matters, in his book ZEALOT, relates that by the time Jesus appeared on the scene, there were literally hundreds of ‘miracle workers’ roaming the Mid-east. Many of them were attempting to generate a rebellion against the Roman rule, and were using their magical show of power to garner followers in their coup attempts. The Jewish hierarchy were fearful of any such anarchy, and gave them all the same treatment for such treason— crucifixion.

Jesus, also was a ‘miracle worker’—at least that’s what the biblical writers say. But he wasn’t crucified for that—he was considered a treasonist because he preached a philosophy of love in contrast to the Jewish eye for an eye—. Jesus was a super genius. He readily understood human nature—he understood that we each are different people with different personalities and traits. He knew that nothing could be in existence without the presence of its creator (God) being in it, and that included himself, you and me—‘Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift a rock and you’ll find me there’.

I am as convinced as I’m sitting in my seat, that Jesus was not a ‘miracle worker’. Those who were with him and those who wrote about him had all been indoctrinated with the Magi understanding—undoubtedly, they figured their stories about Jesus would be more impressive if a few miracles were thrown in here and there. I suppose we’ll never know in this life what those who followed Jesus, as well as those who wrote about him, actually understood and wrote—so distorted is the re-written Word.

In any event, here’s my take—miracles involving physical change are an absolute impossibility—here’s why. I have defined the essence of God thus: God is a Perfect Rational Being. That perfection means he cannot possibly change anything—if he did, he would no longer be perfect. He would be reverting into the temporal world of change. Remember, time is a measure of change—God exists in a state of Eternity where no change is possible—there is no time in eternity.

What God did do with his Perfect Intellect, was to visualize each of the perfect particles of energy (quanta) which make up everything in existence. Upon ‘seeing them’ in his intellectual mind, he said ‘I love them, I choose them, I accept them, I Will them to be. That Will of God is the Holy Spirit—by necessity, it is branded onto each perfect particle so that they remain perfect. They have done so for 13.7 billion years and will continue so until God’s plan has been executed to completion.

Now, 13.7 billion years is the ‘time measure of change’ which we humans are able to observe. But, each of those particles is perfect in both form and function, meaning each is unchanging and unchangeable, so guess what—they, each, have always existed in eternity—they are God. So Jesus didn’t know Quantum Mechanics (particle physics) as we do, but he did know that his Father was present in everything or it couldn’t be—that is verified in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas by his response to his disciples when they asked him ‘when are you going to restore the kingdom’, he replied, ‘the kingdom of God is spread our all over the earth and you don’t see it. Remember, the Jews were expecting the Messiah to restore Paradise just for them—that’s what they had been told and believed for centuries.

So, from my philosophical perspective, no physical miracle is possible. Certainly, many instances of so-called miracles occur randomly. However there is an exact scientific explanation for each—that explanation may not be readily obvious, but its there. Remember when it wasn’t obvious that the earth was round? Our knowledge base has expanded so dramatically since the days of mythology, astrology, superstition, witchcraft, and the likes—who would ever have imagined putting a human on the moon or on to Mars. Strange as it may seem, we’re just scratching the surface of understanding the truths of God’s Perfect Intellect—the scientific explanation of any and all ‘miracles’ will be apparent some day.

For a fuller understanding read Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality.

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