POSSIBLE-Now here’s a word that is used frequently, and with many different implications. For instance we often hear someone say, ‘that’s not possible’. Or, ‘I can’t possibly believe she said that’—‘maybe, but do you believe that’s possible, do you?’ How about, ‘I know that’s impossible’—just a few examples. So what does the word ‘possible ‘ mean? Simply stated, it means able to, be done or accomplished.

Throughout recorded history, the realm of ‘possibility’ has been expanded beyond human imagination millions of times. In the beginning, the pace was extremely slow. However, during the last century or so it has quickened at an ever-accelerating speed. Why do you suppose that is? That answer can be summed up in one word, science. And what is science?—simply stated, it’s the discovery of a truthit is not the creation of a truth—the truth has always been there—we just had to discover it.

And how does that discovery come about?—through the ‘scientific process’ of imagination (speculation-postulation), experimentation, and observation. When we do the same thing over and over with identical results, we have discovered a truth. Mind you, we did not ‘make or manufacture’ that truth—it has always there—we just didn’t know about it or recognize it yet.

As we have discovered more and more unknown truths, we have unearthed the possibilities of even more astonishing truths at an ever-accelerating pace. You likely have heard the expression, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, and that is so true. Global disasters, major wars, pandemics and the like have stimulated the human mind to imagine all sorts of here-to-fore unknown scientific facts (truths). Some of those include Galileo’s discovering the sun to be the center of our solar system rather than the earth which the bible taught, Vasco da Gama’s sailing to the Far East and back proving the earth was round and not flat as proclaimed by the Church, Einstein’s development of the theory of relativity leading to the rapid development of the cosmological sciences and Quantum Mechanics, the Wright brothers proving that human flight was possible, Henry Ford’s development of the ‘assembly line’ form of manufacturing making it possible for mass production at a quicker pace, development (discovery) of penicillin and other anti microbials and vaccines of all sorts to fight infections, just to name a few. And then, we fast forward until today when it appears that the unthinkable is taking place—the development and mass production of a Covid-19 vaccine in a year or less—that would have been thought totally impossible one year ago.

Now lets get to the nitty-gritty. Very likely, any church-going Christian has heard this expression many times; ‘With God, all things are possible’. And I would say, that is absolutely true, but not in the sense and connotation which we have been led to believe.

We, in general, have been taught that God is the overseer of his creation. He is sitting somewhere outside his creation observing everything that’s going on. His people are doing all sorts of things which ‘displease’ him, and for that, they will be punished in hell forever or, at the very minimum, serve a stay of severe torment in ‘purgatory’ in order to teach them a lesson and get them all cleaned up for heaven.

On the other hand, we have been taught to beg God for forgiveness so we might escape those torments. We have been repeatedly exposed to the concept that God’s Will can be changed and that we can entice him to perform a miracle just for us—I often wonder how many millions and millions of people have been disappointed or even despaired to find out that they had no ‘favor with God’—their loved one died with cancer or what-ever disease in-spite-of their begging and pleading for a miracle —their wayward son continued on his path of dereliction and wound up in prison—or their wayward daughter eventuated as the ‘harlot of the neighborhood’.

There is an explanation for all of that foolishness and it stems from one, and only one, possibility—the folly of religion and the defining essence of God; God is a Prefect Rational being—God is not a ‘puppeteer’. In a nutshell, that means that everything possible in this existence has already been determined—it is up to us to make the discovery of each of those possibilities (truths). To be frank, as much as we seemingly have discovered, we haven’t even ‘scratched the surface’.

Lets look at some examples: if it’s possible for someone to develop a personality that allows for murder, larceny, rape, etc., it will happen—if it is possible to knock a baseball over the wall for a home run, it will happen—if it is possible to send a manned rocket to the moon, it will happen—if it is possible to have computers, iPhones etc., it will happen—if it is possible to perform major surgery on infants in-utero, it will happen—of it is possible for an 87 year old man to make a hole-in-one playing golf, it will happen—if it is possible to send a manned spacecraft to Mars and/or beyond, it will happen—and, sadly, if it is possible for mankind to destroy himself and everything else living on this earth, guess what; it will happen.

So, you see, God is not directing the show on a moment to moment basis. His ‘show’ started roughly 13.7 billion years ago—it continues uninterrupted with no intermissions—the ‘cast of characters’ changes continually with all ‘possible’ contingencies being addressed on a continuing basis. We happen to be in that cast right now—who knows what tomorrow brings—likely things we never thought of or dreamed possible.

On a personal note, I became aware or those facts years and years ago but it took me forever to explain them to myself satisfactorily. My mind and personality had been so distorted by irrational religion that ‘perfect rationality’ had a very hard time working its way into my system of possibilities. When it finally did, bingo—I saw the ‘Perfect Rationality of God’. I saw that you and I are ‘mirror images’ of God’s Spirit. I saw that every one of God’s ‘natural’ possibilities (natural laws [truths] ) are possible for us—we just need to gradually discover them. It is doubtful if we ever will but who knows?—God does.

I have outlined and developed that philosophy quite clearly in my two philosophy books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. For your peace of mind and clarity of understanding, I strongly urge you to read them. They are readily available on line.

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