UNIVERSAL GOVERNMENT (Globalism)—That exact idea has been implied, suggested, and even attempted many times throughout the course of human history—always with total failure. Yet, in this country, the socialists Democrats are ‘hell bent’ to, turn our country over to some benevolent dictator who would rule with perfect compassion and equity for all. Everyone would share equally in everything. The strange thing missing in all of those proposals is ‘equal productivity’ by each and every individual.

I remember reading a book, some sixty years ago about Communism—how it was proposed to work and, more importantly, how it actually did work. The book, titled Animal Farm, was written by George Orwell and was a satire about the Russian Revolution. As is always the case with human (pig) nature, some become more important and therefore more ‘entitled’ than others. That prompted the famous statement that ‘all animals are created equal’ “But Some Animals Are More Equal than Others”.

So it is with Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and literally every ‘ism’ you have ever heard of except Capitalisms grounded in republic democracy. The founders of our nation and the writers of our constitution were well aware of the ‘follies’ of other ‘isms’. They were well aware of the dangers of insidious power grabbing by a few ‘more equal than others’ pigs. They recognized that when everything is ‘free’, most quit producing with the net result that there is nothing left to ‘be free with’. Guess what happens then—total collapse of the system.

That exact scenario has played out many times—look at communist USSR. They were so hell-bent on conquering the USA and ultimately, the world with their ideology, that they exhausted their resources on military, while simultaneously, a great portion of their work force became rebellious non-producers—the inevitable happened—the roof caved in—‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall’.(Ronald Reagan)—and he did.

To my knowledge, no socialist, communist government has existed one hundred years without eventual collapse—but they keep trying, pushing, suggesting, demanding—will they never learn?

Just today in our local newspaper, Pope Francis seems to be making a plea for ‘Globalism”—everyone must be reduced to the poverty state—then and only then the lazy, non-productives will be able to gloat in their envy—perfect happiness will prevail while everyone starves.

It is sheer folly to assume that the world can be fed by by ‘mule-driven’ agriculture. Likewise it is sheer idiocy to assume that the relentless uncontrolled breeding by the ‘unwed’ which, either puts countless millions on the streets, or fills the garbage cans with aborted fetuses, is a sustainable methodology of social existence.

Yes, each of us are gifted with different talents, and we are duty-bound to help our neighbor in need if possible. The best way of helping is through a ‘family structure’ with both a mother and a father guiding and instructing their children in a meaningful way—teaching them to be, not only responsible, but also productive and self-sufficient. There will always be those who, for one reason or another, ‘fall through the cracks’. Jesus said, ‘The poor you will always have with you’.

We must never foster poverty—however, we must always be responsive to the truly needy. There’s an old saying that is probably more true today than ever—‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

In defining the essence of God as A Perfect Rational Being, and observing that Rationality play out on a ‘universal stage of selfishness’, it is obvious to me that God had an eternal plan. That plan has the rationality that every gross entity in existence operates in a time zone of selfishness. Expressed otherwise, it means that every existence, even inanimate ones, have needs directed at self. Those needs, of course, dictate ‘change’ and change is measured in units of time—so all gross entities exist and operate in an ever-changing selfish timeframe.

In order to be productive, we must be willing and eager to change. Also, we are called and given an opportunity, to share as needed. It is a figment of any mythological imagination to think that ‘all pigs can or will be equal’.

Pope Francis assumed his papal name after Francis of Assisi who lived on the edge of Catholicism, but nevertheless was canonized a Saint. Like so many before and after him, Francis was able to ‘see God’ in everything. But, because he didn’t have any fundamental knowledge of existence, he really didn’t ‘know who or what God was’. He did, however, sense the presence of a God in everything, and for that he is to be lauded. He reportedly lived a very simple, pauper’s life. Supposedly, he rejected the idea of using ‘too much’ of the earth’s treasure.

Francis and his companion were praised , and I suppose, rightly so. The hermits and ascetics, also, were lauded and admired— many were Sainted. But consider this, If everyone lived a ascetic’s life in the desert, or wandered around the world barefoot ‘smelling the roses’, it wouldn’t be very long until they were eating the roses—then what?—total starvation and an extinct human race.

In my book, Wilderness Cry, I lay the groundwork for defining the essence of God, and do, in fact, define that essence as A Perfect Rational Being. While extrapolating many of that definition’s ramifications, I demonstrate, conclusively, that religion is the basic cause of most, if not all, of the worlds problems. All three of the Abrahamic religions are based on mythology and astrology—not one of them have ever defined the essence of their God.

In my book, Peace in Spirituality, I show conclusively how and why religion creates both hostility and emotional derangement among people. At the same time, by defining the essence of spirituality, I show the absolute only way peace can be achieved. Philosophically, it can happen—practically speaking, total lasting peace cannot be achieved in the selfish time capsule within which we exist.

Therefore, it behooves us to honor our time-tested system of government and reject globalism at all cost—the globalistic, ‘more equal’, pigs will certainly become ‘hogs’ and devour our world.

I continue my call for the World-wide Communion of Spirituality as the absolute only possible pathway to peace.

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