Do you have faith?—-do you have religion, or better said, do you practice some organized religious exercise? I suspect an honest answer would be ‘yes’ on both counts from the majority of people. Why do you suppose that is? I would suggest to you that you have been (to use a common term) ‘brainwashed’ by either your parents or your preacher or both. So, the obvious question to be asked is, ‘what do you believe and why do you believe it’.

The majority of people in the USA profess some sort of “Christian” faith. Then the obvious question is. ‘just what does that mean?’ What does it mean to be a ‘Christian’? And how is it possible that of the 200,000,000 or so ‘Christians’ in this county alone, no two have an identical faith. So what does it mean to me Christian? Most immediate answers would be something like this—well. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

And I would say, ‘wait just one minute; who or what is Christ?’ Your answer likely would be fluttering, stuttering, and possibly unintelligible. Could you explain to a common simpleton, what it means to be ‘Christ?. If you could, you’d be one extremely much more talented than Jesus the Nazreen. As best I can determine, Jesus spent his entire public life attempting desperately to explain who the ‘Christ’ was to his apostles—literally 99.9999% of all written accounts show that he failed miserably.

Jesus spent his entire public life in the shadows preaching the singularity of God—that is to say he kept telling them that God was/is Perfect Love—they certainly didn’t want to hear that—that was unbounded heresy and demanded death by the most ‘cruel’ means—crucifixions—he was a traitor to the Jewish religion .

Now, Just what is religion? Plainly stated, religion is a cultist practice, overtly aimed at appeasing a vengeful God, but subtly aimed at power, money , control. Just check a little history—who were the reapers of benefits from the Jewish ‘religion’?—The King and the High Priest. Has anything changed in 4000 years—if so, its imperceptible.

So what was Jesus telling them that was so bad? Very simply, that ‘God is in everything and everything is in God’—God loves you in spite of your wicked self. Even his apostles didn’t understand that (they had been brainwashed, just as you).

Jesus was telling them what the Christ was/is. Christ is the ‘Light of the World’—Jesus was the ‘explainer’ of our Heavenly, all loving, Creator. Jesus was a liberator who steadfastly looked the ‘scoundrels’ in the eye—he called them hypocrites, as indeed, they were. He knew his fate, but he courageously forged on. His apostles didn’t understand—maybe John a little. In his letter, John wrote, ‘brothers, what we are now, we know we are children of God. What we are to become is yet to be determined. But. we know that when we get to heaven, we will ‘be like him, because we will see him as he truly is’ (paraphrased).—how beautiful. It took me seventy five years of observing religion while exploring the meaning of faith to realize what was ‘missing’—-the essence of God had never explicitly been define—thousands had tried—all failed.

By pure happenstance, I stumbled onto a monumental scientific course in Quantum Mechanics (Particle Physics)—it was like a miracle—Christ, the ‘Light of the World’ was plainly visible to me. Finally, God’s essence could be defined in ‘no uncertain terms’. Furthermore, that ‘essential definition’ not only defined our Creator conclusively, but more importantly, it ‘negated completely’ the practice of ‘cultist religion. That definition ‘opened doors’ never before opened except by Jesus the Christ. Seemingly, he was totally ignored—we’ll never know for sure, so distorted and ‘corrupted’ is the written word we have.

So once again for you, the uninitiated—

God Is A Perfect Rational Being.

Absolutely nothing can be added nor subtracted from that essential definition—if you think so, I dare you to try.

I have outlined my complete philosophy, based on that essential definition in my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. I encourage you to ‘liberate’ yourselves in their reading.

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