Peace- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPEACE: Do you really want peace? Are you willing to come off your “high-horse” and compromise your thought processes? Or, are you eager for peace and perfectly willing to have peace only if everyone else bends their will to yours? My observation is the latter. Before we can discuss peace, we must recognize and admit to the cause of our perpetual discord. It requires only a very casual observation of our world to identify the culprit which is  creating perpetual war and hostilities. That culprit, plain and simple, is religion.

From all recorded history, mankind has been at war in one way or another and, almost always, over religious and/or ideological differences. Why do you suppose that is? The reason, again, is quite obvious; all religion is based on some ill-defined idea of a higher power. Those ill-defined ideas are based on mythological concepts with no foundation in scientific fact nor philosophical soundness. That, of course, is the natural consequence of attempting to deal with a complicated subject without a commonly accepted “essential definition”. Consequently, with no essential definition of a Supreme Being, every human that ever lived has had a differing, vague, concept of such a Being. Just ask anyone to define the essence of their God and, likely, you will get a “blank stare combined with a sputtering of meaningless statements.

Absent “like-mindedness” among all people about the “essence” of our Supreme Being, there can be no unanimity of thought, acceptance and understanding about such a being, nor how It is to be worshiped, if at all. After exhaustive investigation of history, and religious literature, I have discovered that no one has ever been able to define the “essence” of our God (Supreme Being). Meister Eckhart, a famous Dominican Friar, spent his entire life attempting to analyze God and define Its essence, but fell woefully short in his attempts for one simple reason; he knew no science. He had no base of operation.

IMG_1605Observing all this perpetual hostility and confusion compelled me to define the essence of God once and for all. I did so with six, simple, irrefutable words. God Is A Perfect Rational Being. This simple, singular, essential definition explains all with no room for confusion nor discord. This definition demands that every rational being recognize and accept the basic concept that the image of God, the Holy Spirit, is imprinted on every single entity that ever existed; otherwise nothing could exist. That singular concept “demands” that each of us accept, unreservedly, the fact that we and all existences are united under one Singular Common Spirituality. As such, there is no quarter for any discord.

Therefore, once again, I am issuing my plea for recognition and acceptance of The world-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Spirituality unites us and puts us at “Perfect Peace”. Religion, on the other hand is cultist, pitting us against each other, and promoting hostilities and discord. Does anyone see my point?

Do you understand that I am not demeaning ‘religious’ people. Literally, everyone is born into a ‘faith system’ which differs from all others, but which, in turn, pits them against each other. Even in the so-called Christian world, there is vehement and oft-times violent disagreement about Jesus, the Christ; about his beginning, his life, what he said and did, his death and thereafter. Why do you suppose that is?

I believe without doubt that the most basic cause stems from the fact that we have no reliable source of information.  Such a possible source could be the bible. However, it has been written and re-written so many times that the ‘real truth’ has been lost. Instead of Jesus’ words, we have the words of biased men who have altered Jesus teachings to suit their own whims. I have addressed this many times in many places but in great detail in my book Wilderness Cry.  One simple example involves the crucifixion stories of Luke and Matthew. Luke paints a picture of one insurgent becoming contrite and asking Jesus to remember him in Paradise, whereas Matthew suggests that both insurgents continued to revile Jesus till the end. Obviously both stories can’t possibly be true.

The most likely cause of all the confusion is the fact that the illiterate apostles simply did not understand what Jesus was telling them. So their ‘word of mouth’ teachings would have been a distortion of Jesus’ words in the first instance, and the listeners would have had even less understanding in the second instance. Remember, nothing was written for fifteen years after Jesus’ death, and those writings were by Paul who never laid eyes on Jesus. Paul’s sidekick, John Mark, wrote the first gospel several years later—he also never saw or heard Jesus.

IMG_1065In any event, there was obvious mass confusion, but true to form, a new ‘religion’ emerged—Judeo-Christian. While Jesus is reported by Paul to despise religion, ultimately the sacrificial Christian Jews won out. However, there was absolutely no unanimity of belief or religious practice until some 300 years after Jesus death when Constantine convened the first Council at Nicaea and mandated a singular practice enforced by the Roman army.

So fast forward to now—33,000 so-called Christian religions, and God only knows how many other world religions. Mind you, each of those entities proposes to be worshiping a singular entity. All of their worship is pure mythology because they have not and cannot define the ‘essence’ of that entity.

For the first time ever in the history of mankind, I have, in fact, defined God’s essence. With that understanding of God’s essence it is ‘possible’ to have peace. But before ‘peace’ can be achieved, religion as we know it must be abolished and replaced with a universal understanding and acceptance of spirituality. That single-mindedness  would instantly produce tranquility, an essential synonym of peace. In my little book Peace in Spirituality, a fool-proof roadmap to peace is presented.

Press Releases and Video trailers for both Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality are attached.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality

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