EVOKE-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngEVOKE-This daily post word means to recall or bring to consciousness. We often us it to denote a calling forth or calling out. When confronted with this word, it immediately evoked a memory of the horrible atrocities committed over the centuries by organized religion and ideologies. The mental and physical torture imposed by those two entities is horrifyingly astounding. In the case of Ideology, always to maintain control and impose dictatorial rule. In the case of religion, always in the name of God. However, when one examines the historical content of those activities, it becomes obvious that the ultimate goal was/is the same as ideologies; power, money, control. The only significant  difference is that one is civil dictatorship, the other is theocratic dictatorship. Awareness of that compelled me to express my ideas about God, the Trinity, Jesus, religion, and a host of other  considerations directed at our existence in a powerful little book Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. In this book I describe how I was forced to define God. So doing allowed me to easily explain all the so-called mysteries in our lives. If you have interest, it is available Amazon, Kindle and all major on-line book retailers.

10 thoughts on “EVOKE-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. Leaders and want to be leaders both invoke authoritarian religion to guide the followers in the desired direction. It is not a coincidence that Christ depicts himself as a shepherd and everyone else the flock.
    By claiming that only you can interpret the texts correctly, and that everyone must submit to your words, this creates the condition for blind faith and obedience. Questioning the unilateralism is forbidden when you participate in this. It creates a situation of submission.
    The well being of the sheep is irrelevant, and only the benefit to the leaders is of practical concern.


    1. You hit the nail on the head exactly. Religion and ideologies both should be considered cultist. They reign by creating an artificial controlling power, all for their selfish concerns. All divide us. The spirituality of love which I accept to be Jesus’s only significant teaching, unites us under an umbrella of love (acceptance of each other’s value). I understand you don’t believe Jesus ever existed and that’s OK. The principle of love (acceptance) still applies. It’s the only possible means of human survival. Sadly, it will never be accepted because not one of the “ivory tower” religious dictators will relinquish his/her power , money and control.

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    2. Robert, I humbly submit that somehow you have misinterpreted my representation. I don’t come from the scripture side; in fact I loath it because my research indicates it is too flawed for rational interpretation. What I have done is taken a contrarian philosophical position which I firmly believe offers the only material salvation of the entire human race; that position indirectly speaks also to eternal salvation. That is not my prime objective however. I can see very clearly from a psychological and philosophical standpoint, if Christians don’t unite in common acceptance of each other, the entire human race is doomed. I say that because so-called Christianity is the main cohesive driving force in the civilized world. Whether or not it is correct in its perceptions and assertions is immaterial; it must present a united front. As of now, it is seemingly irreparably disarrayed, and the “wolves” are moving in. It doesn’t really matter otherwise what we believe as long as it is legal and united. I happen to believe differently from you, but that is immaterial; we still can and must be united in an acceptance of brotherhood which supersedes any and all “religious” convictions. That concept gives us a united front against the forces which are determined to, and sadly, most likely will eventually, destroy us. Do you see my point? I am prepared to accept anyone who believes in and accepts the concept of “liberty and justice for all”. The tyrants who would and will destroy us have no such acceptance; their selfishness and greed allow for no such quarter. Thanks for listening; awaiting your ideas. P.S.- I despise religion, but I love spirituality which unites us all from within. Religion seeks to domineer over us and force us to submit to a certain creed, and/or belief. Please don’t confuse me with a religion zealot; religion and ideology are the culprits. What I have done in my book is formulate a philosophy built on the principle of spirituality. Granted, my thesis accepts a Perfectly Rational Being as God, and Jesus, not as our Sheppard, but as our brother, and we all as mirror images of our Creator. From there we are mandated to love (accept) each other all the while recognizing our inherent psychological and philosophical differences. Hope this helps clarify my position.

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      1. The real history of Jesus is a plagiarism of the same story told previously through many other cultures. The real theme is one of astrology and anthropomorphism.
        There were no new spiritual concepts introduced by the story of Jesus either, but they were again taken and used within the Jesus narration.
        Truth is the authority and Jesus is not truth!


      2. The subscript of the Judeo-Christian narration is the most odious component.
        The biggest present danger are the implications of Spontaneous Creation that describes a world created exclusively for mans utilization and exploitation. By doing so man is not a creature with a 4.5 billion year relationship with the planet, or a 3 billion year relationship with other plants and animals, or a creature entangled in a complex web of life.
        From this observation tower, all the things that we are in fact a part of and depend on for our continued survival are deemed expendable!


  2. Robert, I was already aware of much of this content, but not nearly as well cataloged. It is astonishing how I have concluded identical views of religion. I have recognized religion as a complete hoax and furthermore have shown how religion is and has been the cause of all the worlds problem. Recognizing those facts compelled me to formulate a completely different philosophy about our existence and the existence of the entire universe (s). In doing so, I do give quarter to God’s existence, which no one can prove nor disprove. However, I do something never before done to my knowledge; I define the essence of God. Instead of the truly mythical image of God painted for us by our ancestors as a human-like figure sitting on a throne with Jesus sitting by His side, I define God as a being, GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. That essential definition makes it readily possible and mandatory to define all the so-called mysteries in our lives. I show that there is only one Truth, and that truth is the perfect energy particles (quanta) of which everything in existence is made. I give credit to that perfect Intellect for imagining such particles, and I give credit to that perfect Will for creating and maintaining each of them perfectly forever, even as they may return to the singularity eventually (75 billion years or so). Likely the entire process will then repeat itself infinitely, as it has infinitely before this current cycle. That definition easily allows me to graphically define the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity, Heaven and much, much more. All of my reasoning is perfectly logical with all premises factual except one, the actual existence of a God. But given that one premise, all fall into place perfectly. I actually accept the existence of the historical Jesus. However I show how virgin birth, resurrection, miracles and the like are all impossible . I identify Jesus as a super genius who was %100 human. He recognized the universal evil of selfishness, created by God as a requirement for function of the universe. He recognized that His inner being (soul) by necessity mirrored its creator. He knew that God’s perfection demanded perfect love. Love is simply an abstract concept; in action it becomes a reality with a lover and a lovee. Perfect love may be defined as acceptance without conditions. Where evil is generated, punishment is due. What better target to accept (lovee) would God have than an entire universe(s) of evil that He Himself had created. Enter Jesus: recognizing God’s need for Perfect Love and seeing the entire universe of evil(selfishness), which God Himself created, and realizing that He was the only one who knew that, would have brought Jesus to the stark realization that He, being an image if His creator, must pay the price of perfect love for His Generator (mirror image). Reportedly, He did so willingly but not without extreme fear and trepidation. His only message of consequence (Gospel=good news) was “tell the world the good news that I have come to die for you that you may have eternal life. Hence His only recorded admonishment (recommendation); Love your God with your all, and Love (accept) your neighbor as yourself. With that understanding, I am readily able to see Religion and Ideology an the greatest evils ever to befall mankind. My philosophy demands a spiritual unity of Love (acceptance) which unites us not only with each other but with God and all His creation. Even if there is no God, I believe those philosophical principles apply for peaceful existence. Your thoughts? Thanks


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