Peace-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngEveryone talks about peace, but sadly, seemingly, no one wants nor understands peace. We all are so imbued with our prejudices about our God (Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Brahma, etc.), that we are unable to subdue our prejudicial thinking for the truth. And you might say, “Well, just what is truth?”. And I will tell you straight up that truth is not in the god of the bible or Quran, nor in any of the holy ancient writings of the far east; neither is it found in ritualistic practices of sacrificial worship. It is, however clearly found in the fundamental understanding that everything in existence is branded with the will (spirit) of its creator. With that universal acceptation, there’s no more room for discord than is there for accepting the fundamental principle that two plus two equals four. No one fights and argues about basic fundamental arithmetic or basic physical sciences—there is like-mindedness about those considerations; hence no discord. Likewise, there would be no discord about the acceptance of the spirit of our universal Supreme Being driving and keeping perfect every particle (quantum) of energy in existence.

Since all wars are and have been fought over ultimate disagreements concerning our Creator, that source of discord would be abolished. We would have like-mindedness—we would have peace. This philosophy is thoroughly developed in my book Wilderness Cry, and my, soon to be published, book Peace in Spirituality. I sincerely hope and trust that eventually the entire world comes to this fruitful acceptance—we will have peace. Amazon, Kindle et al. Comments welcomed.

God-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngVery likely, the word God is the most used noun in the English language—love would probably be a close second. I am free to make that assertion without scientific proof based on the number of times it is used in one church service and/or radio or TV dissertation/sermon. Preachers and laity alike throw the word God around like it was a football. You might be astonished to hear that even though God is spoken of endlessly, no one, but no one can prove his (its) existence. Neither can anyone prove his (its) non-existence. God is a matter of perception (faith). Faith, of course, is belief in something as being true which cannot be proven. I note with frequency how some preacher and preacher/writers attempt to prove God’s existence using contorted, distorted interpretations of the Bible, which itself has been so corrupted as to be virtually useless as a reference book. The bible serves many as a source of faith—never proof.

Even though faith can never be proven—if it could, it would no longer be faith—it would be fact, It must be based on some degree of rationality. That, of course works both ways—faith in something or faith against something. In the case of fundamentalists, that rationality is the Bible. In the case of atheists, that fundamental rationality is the bible. A philosophical principle pertains—nothing can be proven by itself.

Now lets consider a real basis for faith—the perfect order in the universe. The bible was written and re-written by scientific illiterates. They knew absolutely nothing of science. All they had for references were their superstitious imaginations. The earth was flat; the firmament consisted of the earth, stars and moon; the stars controlled their destiny; astrology was their science; the earth teetered on five crooked, wobbly legs, ever in danger of tumbling into the nether-world below; all babies were in the male semen; the earth was center of the universe; heaven was up; and the list of irrationality goes on.

Now lets consider today: the earth is round; the sun is the center of our little stellar universe; our sun is only one of billions in our galaxy alone, of which there are billions and trillions containing billions and trillions of suns; a beam of light traveling at the rate of 186,000 m.p.s. requires 100,000 years to traverse our Milky Way galaxy alone; light which has been traveling nearly fourteen billion years is just now reaching our earth—the suns that generated that light have been burned out for billions of years already; there are more suns in the universe than grains of sand on all the earth’s beaches; the egg of life is in the female ovum; and the known scientific list goes on and on.

The one compelling scientific fact lending credence to a Higher Power is the perfect order, even in its entropy, in the universe. There is absolutely no event, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, that is not a perfect example of what it is. The reason fore that is simple—every event is the direct consequence of all proceeding events. In addition, we know scientifically that every gravid object in this universe is composed of identical tiny particles of energy which are collectively known as quanta. There are various kinds  with different names, but each of its kind is perfect and identical to its counterparts. Furthermore, there exists not a single one more or less than at the time of their creation.

My rationality tells me that it is rational to assume that such perfection did not likely happen by itself. That understanding (faith—belief) prompted me to not only accept the existence of God but, also, to define the essence of that being. No one before me has been successful in such an endeavor—many have tried—all have failed. I suspect the reason for their universal failure was their universal blind-spot. They either knew no science or they ignored it. They universally failed to connect the dots—God is science. The word science comes from the Latin word scientia which means knowledge. Knowledge, of course, is truth and God, of course is Truth.

With that brief overview, I will now share with you my definition of the essence of God. God is a Perfect Rational Being. That definition is not only irrefutable—it is all inclusive. It explains all the so-called mysteries in our lives—Trinity, Eternity, Soul, Heaven. Likewise, it negates the eternal myths which have been heaped upon us. It demonstrates clearly that nothing could be in existence without the perfect intellect of God first envisioning it and the perfect will(holy Spirit) of God choosing it and keeping it perfect. Therefore, it is impossible for anything in this universe to be imperfect in form or function. However, everything in this universe is evil by virtue of its selfishness—a discussion for the next time.  In the meantime, you may find a complete explanation of all in my little book Wilderness Cry- A Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe; Amazon, Kindle et al. All comments welcomed.







Hello Again-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngIt has been quite a while since I posted. Two reasons pertain. One is that I have been ill part of the time. The other is I have been extremely busy wrapping up my gardens for the year, but more importantly, writing two books. I’m happy to report that Covenant Books is republishing my first book, Wilderness Cry. They plan major distribution and promotion. I have just completed its sequel, which I won’t release for a while. In addition, due to popular request, I gave in and wrote a book entitled “Growing up in Fancy Farm, Kentucky”. Likely, it would be of local interest only. It does, however, contains a lot of general interest topics. The local printers have it now. If anyone interested, e-mail me:, and I’ll get it to you. Don’t yet know printing costs, so I don’t have price—most likely in $10 range.

Now back to the subject near and dear to my heart—spirituality. I’d bet my last dollar that ten or twenty people or even a hundred would give a different answer if asked to define spirituality. The essential definition of spirituality is the end-all, be-all to understanding God and achieving peace. With that understanding, I am again calling for acceptance of my plea for recognition of The World-Wide Communion of Spirituality. It is only through that Like-mindedness, that peace is achievable.

Just look at the world today, as well as throughout history—wars, wars, wars. Endless, senseless killing for why—religion and ideology, all of which are seeking more money and goods through power and control. We must first examine ourselves and humble ourselves to the acceptance of our common spirituality. Then and only then can and will the world finally, gradually, catch on and become truly civil and peaceful. That definitely is a utopian concept, but I submit to you, it’s the only way. Wilderness Cry is available all on-line retailers and Kindle



Spirituality- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSpirituality may be defined as recognition that the Spirit (Will) of God is imprinted on each of us as well as every thing in existence. With that recognition we must accept the premise that every human is brother/sister to each other. Therefore we must be at peace with each other. My call for recognition and acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality must be heeded by everyone. Think on that seriously and humble yourself individually to that acceptance.

COMMUNIQUE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngThis message is to alert you and make you aware that what I have written in my book, Wilderness Cry, and in many other communications, will some day be accepted and considered as absolute philosophical dogma. Most of you may well not live to see that day, and certainly I will not. However, the time is coming when the world will be forced to come to grips with the ultimate cause of perpetual strife, turmoil and war. The singular cause is cultist religion. I say that advisedly because all religion is cultist. The reason religions are cultist is because all are based on the worship of a Higher Power with different names such as God, Allah, Yahweh etc. None of those entities has ever been defined until now. Without a specific definition of the essence of that Higher Power, there can be no “single-mindedness” concerning It among the populace. Therefore, as of now and forever in the past, there are and have been as many imaginary Higher Powers as there have been people who ever existed; each one has had his own ill defined idea of the essence and nature of that power. Historically, ideas about that Power and how It is to be worshiped, as well as what expectations are to be forthcoming from it, have been so radically different as to generate perpetual hostilities worldwide.

Recognizing that enormous plight compelled me to do something never before done and that is to define the essence of our Creator. After fifty years of deliberation, I was able to define the essence of our Creator with six simple, irrefutable words. God Is A Perfect Rational Being. That definition says everything that could possibly be said. It covers and explains any and all attributes possibly attributable to that Being. It admits to God’s existence. It proclaims Gods singularity (triune but singular). It Admits to Gods eternal existence in the ever present. It proclaims God’s Perfection (nothing missing- nothing needed). It proclaims God’s perfect Rationality, meaning It envisioned all,  Generated all, Knows all, and empowers all through Its Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit. It proclaims that God does, in fact, exist as a living Being.

What I have just written above has never been challenged by anyone. Of course, it “steps on a lot of toes”; religion is undoubtedly the grandest money-making and controlling scheme ever envisioned by mankind. So, it’s highly unlikely that all the preachers and hierarchy of the millions of churches world-wide will suddenly close and lock their doors. However, none of that activity negates the “truth” of what I just said. Consider this; if there were not a single rational mind in the world able to recognize that 2 + 2 = 4, it would not change the mathematical (philosophical) fact that it, indeed, always is.

Given that simple little example ( no rational mind can deny that 2 + 2 = 4), shows clearly that single-mindedness is possible. So also is Peace possible with a similar, single-minded acceptance of the essence of our Creator. However, the likely-hood of such acceptance is as-remote as the survival of the proverbial “snowball in Hell”. None of that changes nor negates in any way the absolute philosophical Truth which I just spoke.  HLH

Peace- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPEACE: Do you really want peace? Are you willing to come off your “high-horse” and compromise your thought processes? Or, are you eager for peace and perfectly willing to have peace only if everyone else bends their will to yours? My observation is the latter. Before we can discuss peace, we must recognize and admit to the cause of our perpetual discord. It requires only a very casual observation of our world to identify the culprit which is  creating perpetual war and hostilities. That culprit, plain and simple, is religion.

From all recorded history, mankind has been at war in one way or another and, almost always, over religious and/or ideological differences. Why do you suppose that is? The reason, again, is quite obvious; all religion is based on some ill-defined idea of a higher power. Those ill-defined ideas are based on mythological concepts with no foundation in scientific fact nor philosophical soundness. That, of course, is the natural consequence of attempting to deal with a complicated subject without a commonly accepted “essential definition”. Consequently, with no essential definition of a Supreme Being, every human that ever lived has had a differing, vague, concept of such a Being. Just ask anyone to define the essence of their God and, likely, you will get a “blank stare combined with a sputtering of meaningless statements.

Absent “like-mindedness” among all people about the “essence” of our Supreme Being, there can be no unanimity of thought, acceptance and understanding about such a being, nor how It is to be worshiped, if at all. After exhaustive investigation of history, and religious literature, I have discovered that no one has ever been able to define the “essence” of our God (Supreme Being). Meister Eckhart, a famous Dominican Friar, spent his entire life attempting to analyze God and define Its essence, but fell woefully short in his attempts for one simple reason; he knew no science. He had no base of operation.

Observing all this perpetual hostility and confusion compelled me to define the essence of God once and for all. I did so with six, simple, irrefutable words. God Is A Perfect Rational Being. This simple, singular, essential definition explains all with no room for confusion nor discord. This definition demands that every rational being recognize and accept the basic concept that the image of God, the Holy Spirit, is imprinted on every single entity that ever existed; otherwise nothing could exist. That singular concept “demands” that each of us accept, unreservedly, the fact that we and all existences are united under one Singular Common Spirituality. As such, there is no quarter for any discord.

Therefore, once again, I am issuing my plea for recognition and acceptance of The world-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Spirituality unites us and puts us at “Perfect Peace”. Religion, on the other hand is cultist, pitting us against each other, and promoting hostilities and discord. Does anyone see my point?

Philosophy of Existence- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPhilosophy is a set of accepted principles derived from a set of known or presumed facts. In the case of our existence and the existence of the entire universe, the prevailing philosophical understanding is based on presumed facts which are known to be completely false. At the time the philosophy by which we are shackled was developed, there was absolutely no scientific understanding of anything. All premises were based on mythology and superstition– the earth was flat; the stars controlled all existences; the earth was supported on five unstable crocked legs, always in danger of plunging into the netherworld below; all babies were in the male semen; etc. ad nauseum. Here we are two to four thousand years later still shackled with such idiocy.

We do know, in fact, great amounts of scientific information not known then— we know the earth is round (spherical); the sun is the center of our little universe; the universe is filled with trillions of galaxies containing billions and trillions of stars (suns); light traveling at the rate of 186,000 miles/sec is just now reaching our earth after traveling 13.7 billion years; the female carries the egg of life in her ovaries and it must be fertilized by the male sperm to produce life. More importantly, we know that each and every entity in the universe is made of identical and perfect tiny particles of energy with varying  names cumulatively known as quanta. It is that singular knowledge which has given rise to my philosophical assessment of our universe and its existence. That assessment, of course, presumes and essentially defines the Supreme Being (God) which imagined, willed and keeps each particle perfect.

Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has recognized a higher power. Without any scientific understanding their imaginations ran wild. Consequently, their God(s) were imbued with every magical and superstitious idea imaginable except the singular important one, science. Throughout history, great thinkers and theologians have struggled helplessly and hopelessly to define the “essence” of their God, to no avail. The reason is simple. God cannot be defined in superstitious and/or magical terms. Since God is “ALL” knowledge, It must be defined in purely scientific and philosophical terms. Since, none knew science, definition was impossible, try as hard as they may. Recognizing that dilemma, associated with the visible folly of religion, prompted me to do something never before done in history, and that is “define the essence of our Supreme Being. Note I use the term Supreme Being, because it encompasses all deities of all religions and cults. I defined the essence of God thus; “GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”. THOSE SIX SIMPLE LITTLE WORDS SAY IT ALL AND ARE IRREFUTABLE. My contention is that the Spirit of God permeates “brands” every single quantum of energy. Therefore each remains perfect in all respects (form and function). Therefore there is not, has not been, and cannot possibly be, any event that is not a “perfect example of what it was intended to be”. God is Perfect, so change is impossible. In order for any so-called miracle to occur, God’s nature would have to change, an impossibility.

Having said all that brings me to the point of my treatise. All religion is based on some writing. Those writings are based on the superstitious, ignorant, and biased attitudes of the writers. Therefore,we all have been brainwashed with an ignorant, biased, superstitious, magical set of writings which bear no resemblance to the truth.

Look around you, and look at history. Mankind is/has been in perpetual turmoil because of one terribly misguided ides(s), RELIGION. Religion is cultist and divisive. Spirituality, on the other hand is loving and uniting.

I welcome any and all meaningful discussion regarding these subjects.      HLH