Do you know what a conundrum is? Sure, you do. You may not know it by name but, very likely, you know it from personal experience, possibly many times, in your lifetime—certainly, I know I have. A ‘conundrum’ is a confusing, and oftentimes difficult problem, frequently offering two or more contradictory solutions—in other words, ‘bedamned if you do, and bedamned if you don’t ‘—seemingly no way to win.

A classic example of a conundrum is playing out on the world stage, right before our eyes, even as I write. The US and its allies are faced with a major conundrum regarding Russia and Ukraine. If they back Ukraine to the limit, they risk another world war and, possibly worse yet, a nuclear war at that. If they stand idly by, Ukraine will fall to Russia, and a potential NATO ally will be lost for the foreseeable future, possibly forever.

On a personal basis, which may apply to many from time to time, would be the conundrum a single parent faces with the sudden illness of a child. The parent needs to work its minimum wage job, but a babysitter arranged for at the last moment would cost as much or more than what the parent would make that day. As the old saying goes, ‘if you want to dance, you got to pay the fiddler’—no easy way out of a conundrum.

The conundrum I wish to address is that which organized Christianity finds itself in today. Just yesterday, I noted a twitter remark, made by a pastor, lamenting the fact that after six years, he and his wife and children were packing up and leaving. He related how when they moved to this place six years before, they envisioned their entire life there, raising their children and ‘tending the flock’. The implication of the twit was that ‘the flock’ had withered away—he couldn’t support his family there. I sense that exact scenario is playing out in so-called Christian religions everywhere. It has gotten so bad in the Roman Catholic Church, of which I am a member, that Pope Francis has called a two-year synod presumably to address the concerns of the membership and, possibly, institute some of their wishes—smooth their feathers–stop the bleeding.

The Church conundrum lies in this situation: on the one hand, the Church risks losing iron-clad control; on the other, it risks losing membership. Percentagewise, there are very few of us ‘old dudes’ around who remember the days of absolute dictatorship in the HRCC—I do. For the first thirty-five to forty of my eighty-eight years, that was the attitude of the church: In a nutshell, the church claimed its authority straight from the Apostles; it professed the Ten Commandments of Moses and, just as importantly, it professed and mandated the six commandments of the church (attend mass on all Sundays and Holy Days of obligation, confess at least once a year, receive Holy Communion during the Easter Time, observe all church laws regarding marriage, observe all days of fast and abstinence, and tithe in a general sense). A deliberate breech of any one of those sixteen commandments would be a mortal sin and would send one directly to hell if you died before confessing it—no questions asked. I can’t recall hearing a single mention of any of those sixteen commandments during my last forty years, and I have attended mass regularly. I think I know why. The Church, in its attempt to solve its conundrum, knows that we old dudes will be gone soon, and the young, having never heard of those ‘church commandments’, allows the Church to conveniently ‘swept them under the carpet’ as though they never existed.

However, a conundrum of loss of membership persists for the church to solve. If the church attempts to rear its ugly head of authority and dictatorship over our souls, young people will fall away at a greater rate than now. On the other hand, if the church loosens it iron-clad grip, it fears an even greater loss—so it punts with a synod. I strongly suspect this synod is designed to deceive people into thinking they are in control.

It has never been a policy of the church to admit its mistakes, such as the bad popes, the Crusades and their implications, the Inquisition, and the selling of indulgences—just to name a few. The church knows those of us who care will soon be gone and the young don’t know and do not care enough to investigate church history. I would be terribly surprised if, upon polling a thousand thirty-year-old and younger Catholics, even fifty of them would be familiar with any of that diabolical history.

The absolute only way the conundrums of religion can be solved is for all to recognize and admit to the essence of God as ‘A Perfect Rational being’. That would require the abolition of all known religion and start anew with a recognition and acceptance of The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality which means the recognition and acceptance that the image of God is imprinted onto each particle of energy of which everything in this universe is made–each particle is a mirror image of its generator, creator. Each particle is perfect in both form and function, each is indistinguishable from its counterparts, each is unchanging and unchangeable. Therefore, they exit in eternity. Collectively they are a mirror image of God–they are God.

Now, do you see that happening? Neither do I. After all, it has always been about power, control, and money—it still is. Such ideation would obliterate religion’s power-base and would immediately negate its need for existence.

If you will read my book, Wilderness Cry-a scientific and philosophical approach to understanding God and the universe, and its sequels, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic, you will gain insights you never dreamed of. To learn more about me, you may like my semi historical and humorous little book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. They are available hardcopy and e-book, Amazon-Kindle and from me,

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How often we hear priests and preachers mention God’s love, but more importantly, how do we react to, or understand, what they mean. I suspect each person has a different understanding. In fact, I suspect each priest and preacher has a different understanding. Why do you suppose that is? It seems to me that their presentation of God’s love is sort of schizophrenic—they tell us in one breath that God loves us, but in the next breath they say God hates us and will send us to hell in a flash.

Have you ever heard a preacher speak of God’s Perfect Love? Neither have I. There is a very specific reason for that—none of them knows who God is. The God they all speak of is the mythical God of the Old Testament—the God manufactured in the mirror image of man—no man has perfect love.

So, just what is perfect love? It is acceptance without condition. That love certainly does not fit the mold of the biblical God—that God’s love was always conditional. And why should his love not be conditional? —he was patterned exactly after man who always has conditions attached to his love.

My God is Perfect Love which means his love is completely unconditional. That Perfect Love stems from the fact that God is a Perfect Rational Being, and that Perfect Rationality mandates Perfect love. More importantly, his Perfect Rationality mandates God to be residing in everything in existence, unlike the God of Abraham who was sitting on a throne somewhere in the clouds totally separated from his creation, but always overlording—a dualist God. My God is everything—nothing can be without God being in it, or better said, without it being in God. So, no preacher knows my God—the real God. No preacher understands perfect love because none knows the science of God’s Love.  Once upon a time, they had an opportunity to know God’s Perfect Love, but they rejected Jesus’ telling them about it. In fact, they killed him for preaching it. Later, the framers of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, in the show of total hypocrisy, completely ignored Jesus’ teaching and reverted to the God of the Jews. They claimed their newfound church represented Jesus’—it most certainly did not—neither does it still.

At the same time the Hebrews were manufacturing their man-like God, the more contemplative Far Easterners were creating gods like Brahma and Buddha. Later, Allah appeared in the minds of the Muslims.

Jesus knew no science because none was known at his time, but his rationality told him that the Love of God pervaded everything, or it could not be. He told his apostles that ‘the kingdom of God was spread out all over the world around them, and they didn’t see it’ (paraphrased). The framers of the new religion ignored Jesus’ teaching, but they capitalized on his name.

Now to the ‘science’ of God’s love and to the ‘why’ of its perfection. Once upon a time, prior to roughly 13.8 billion tears ago, the universe we live in was void—only God existed in eternity, a state of being in which no change or time exists. With his Perfect Rational Intellect God reflected upon himself and visualized his energy in the form of Perfect particles of different varieties and duties. With his Perfect Will he said, ‘I love that, I will that, I choose that’, and immediately, all the particles of energy, which constitute everything in existence, were released into that void universe in an event which scientists have dubbed ‘The Big Bang’. Each particle is known as a quantum, which is the smallest particle that cannot be further subdivided. There are many different varieties of particles, but each of its kind is indistinguishable from its counterparts, each is perfect in form and function, and each is unchanging and unchangeable. Therefore, they exist in eternity—they are God. Immediately upon release, they began performing their commissioned task. Their first task was to assimilate into the protons and neutrons, which along with electrons, make up all the atoms in the universe—the first consequence. The atoms of hydrogen formed massive gas clouds which became so dense as to form ‘star nurseries’ and eventually stars(suns) were born and light was released in the form of photons, one of the several forms of quanta (pleural for quantum). As suns were born, some were so dense internally as to cause fusion reactions which caused the formation of all other atoms in existence. As suns burned out and exploded, they released all the heavy metal atoms in the universe. Each and all those events were perfect consequences of all the consequences which went before. Over the 13.8 billion years those perfect consequences have continued and will continue until the end of time—scientists have predicted that will be another 75 billion years.

One of the trillions and trillions of perfect consequences was the evolutionary development of man. Each homo sapiens is a consequence of its own—therefore, each is different. Based on its different experiences and resultant consequences, each has a different personality which dictates different values. In fact, every living entity of any kind has a different personality based on its different life experiences and consequences. Mind you, each of those personalities are perfect for their individual set of perfect consequential events—each dictated by the Perfect Rationality residing in them, God.

Fast-forwards to the time when humans became ‘legalistic’. Moses was the first to proclaim the first laws in God’s name so he might be able to control his tribe and coerce them into submissive cooperation with his wishes. Now fast-forward till today. We see and hear of every conceivable evil being perpetrated on and by our fellow man—we wonder why. The ‘why’ is easy to understand. Those criminals were not born criminals—they developed that way due to an infinitely different set of perfect consequences from the conformists in society. Yet God is in them—God is they. Had they been exposed to a different regimen of events and consequences in their developing years, they would not be criminals at all—they are to be pitied. They are destined to be incarcerated with all its associated indignities and torment. As a rational human race, we have decided that those unfortunate individuals must be removed from society until and if they can be reprogrammed and made fit for society. We certainly do not like what they do to us, but we cannot legitimately hate them—after all, God’s Perfect Love is in them. God loves, accepts, wills them just as all others—can God reject himself? I don’t think so—do you?

If we can ever come to The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality that I called for several years ago, which means we recognize and accept the fact that everything in existence is comprised of God’s Perfect Rational particles of energy, we can have peace. Until then, sadly, we will have to listen to priests and preachers alike tell us about the schizophrenic, mythical god of the Jews—sadder yet, all for power, control, money, and endless worldwide strife.

If you have not done so, please read my little philosophy books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In addition, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky might be a fun and nostalgic read for you.

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From the beginning of recorded history, we have noted the development of ‘accepted truths’ based solely on astrology and the secondary myths associated with it. Lacking the benefit of any knowledge, in their desire to explain to themselves the meaning of life and its associated events, mankind steadfastly developed a philosophical and pseudoscientific explanation for all. They could see the sun, moon, and stars and observe their apparent movements. Likewise, they observed and experienced both the usual good and distasteful events that occur in all lives. They reasoned that all such events must be under some higher power’s control and direction. Accordingly, they ascribed various events and expectations to specific celestial bodies.

 Eventually, fourteen thousand years age, the Egyptians connected the dots between certain stars to form different animal figures. The twelve figures so formed were arranged in circular pattern and became known as the Zodiac. They observed what appeared to be movement of each figure from one position of prominence to another. The period of time each figure was most prominent became known as an ‘age’. They calculated the total time for all ages to be about twenty-six thousand years—surprisingly close to reality—they called it a ‘Great Year’. In addition, they ascribed certain effects upon themselves and the earth. What they didn’t know was the apparent ‘age change’ was caused by the earth’s toggle or wobble—the period for a complete wobble is about 26,000 years.

But all they had to go on was their imagination and ‘imagine’ they did. Their imaginations became ‘their reality’, but ‘their reality’ was/is pure myth. That mattered little to them as all their understandings about their universe were pure mythology. Their imaginations ran wild. They conceived ideas of every imaginable god who had specific attributes and functions. Eventually, the Hebrews recognized one God who was responsible for everything. The only problem was, they pictured their God exactly as they were, except, he had power they did not have—he could be bargained with, though—he could and did change his mind on a whim.

Then Jesus came along. John Mark, who was a companion of Paul, wrote the first Gospel some twenty to thirty years after Jesus’ death. He did not mention anything about Jesus’ birth, childhood, Herod’s murder of the innocents etc. Neither did his original version address Jesus’ appearances after his death, or his ascension. Luke, who never saw nor knew Jesus, clearly seems to have taken what Mark had written and embellishes it on both ends. Also, he contradicts Matthew’s story of the astrologers from the East seeing Jesus’ star and coming to Herod inquiring about the newborn king, thereby prompting Herod to order slaughter of the innocents, and prompting Joseph to flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath after being warned in a dream to do so—Luke says the Holy Family went directly back to Nazareth after the forty days of purification.

It seems clear to me that, literally, nothing about any of these stories can be trusted as factual. There is simply too much contradiction, astrology, and mythology involved, beginning with Adam and Eve, progressing to Noah and the Ark, and ending with the mythology about Jesus.

As I have explained many times before, God is a Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Rationality completely negates any possibility of any such activity occurring. Of course, as is the usual case, when a ‘fairy tale is told just once, it will never be told again exactly as the original—it almost always gets embellished to make it even better. Undoubtedly, that is exactly what happened with the Jesus story. That exact embellishment spread like wildfire among Christian communities as they developed westward into North Africa and Europe, and that set the stage for the constant squabbling and in-fighting among Christian communities and prompted Emperor Constantine to call the first Council of Nicaea—the Holy Roman Catholic Church was born. I believe without significant doubt, it was formed in an astrological and mythological mold. It has been torn and shredded into at least thirty-three thousand embellished pieces—each storyteller’s tale must be better to ‘justify’ its existence.

Everything said or imagined about God is pure mythology unless it is based on a thorough understanding that God is A Perfect Rational Being, and, as such, cannot possibly change his nature. Everything we as Christians have been taught about God is irrational because it demonstrates a clear concept that God has always changed his nature, and usually at our request.

God’s Perfect Rationality demands that everything perceived by his Intellect is Truth—truth never changes. Likewise, everything willed by his Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit, must be a loving, choice of what that Perfect Intellect presented to it 13.8 billion years ago—no change of mind possible.

All religion is now, and always has been, the mythical imagination of an ignorant and arrogant homo sapiens—all based on influences of celestial bodies and imaginary gods—each of those gods patterned exactly after the mythological thinking of man. Of course, they could not possibly have imagined the ‘real god’ with a divine nature. All they could imagine was a god or gods with the only nature they knew—human nature with its fickleness.

I’m not suggesting that we all quit going to church and cease congregating as a community—we desperately need each other. What I am suggesting is that we all cease setting ourselves up for continued disappointment by asking in the first instance, and believing in the second instance, that God will answer our begging and perform a miracle just for us—’it ain’t gonna happen’.

Yes, the fooler comes when we pray for something to happen that can reasonably be expected to happen naturally, and then claim ‘miracle’ when it happens. Yet in the same breath, so to speak, we pray for God to cure grandma’s cancer, or save Johnny from death by unrelenting shock after an auto accident, and both die anyway. What to think then? — God didn’t like us? —we didn’t pray hard enough?

I am here to suggest that all occurrences of any kind are the direct consequence of all foregoing occurrences, and furthermore, are always perfect for their set of circumstances. They are the direct consequence of God’s perfection which was demonstrated and initiated for us at the moment of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. Asking God to change his nature just for us is blasphemous. All perceived miracles are nothing more than God’s Perfect Nature doing exactly as it is designed to do—that is science which is knowledge which is truth. Some things we have not perceived the scientific understanding (knowledgebase) to explain yet—in time, as we understand God’s perfect truth better, we will. Then we’ll feel stupid and simpleminded. Remember when the earth was flat? —we know better now.

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I would firmly suggest that you gain a full understanding of this irrefutable philosophy by reading my little books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In addition, you will learn a lot about me and my upbringing by reading, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky—Amazon-Kindle and

Buddhaism Christianity Eternity Faith Future of Christianity God God's Will gods Hilary L Hunt MD Hinduism HolyGhost Holy Spirit Islam Islam Christianity Jesus Judaism Judaism Buddhism Money Philosophy Power Religion religions salvation Science The Trinity


Doesn’t that term send shock waves of imagination through your entire being—both exhilaration and guilt? Exhilaration, because we marvel at the thought of someone being so pious, benevolent, holy, and perfect. Guilt, because, instantaneously, either consciously, subconsciously, or both, we realize we do not fit that mold. Then, we must ask ourselves how we came by those ingrained ideas in the first place, and secondly, are they justified? I can’t answer with certainty for you, but I can for myself.

From day one of my earliest memories until this very day, I have been schooled in the idea that certain people are known to have followed ‘God’s Laws’ to perfection, and thereby, are known, and have been certified, to be saints in heaven. The question then arises; ‘who makes those observations and certifications?’. Early in my Roman Catholic schooling, training, and upbringing, I didn’t really question such ideas—I just marveled at them. The disappointment came rapidly as I soon realized I couldn’t be one of them—I was too bad—I felt guilty.

As I got older, and the level of understanding and interpretation expanded with specifics about certain saints. I learned there might be a glimmer of hope for me after all. One prime example, touted with great exuberance, was Augustine of Hippo. I learned from the Catholic sisters, who taught me, that Augustine had been a womanizer of the highest degree—a real no-no for becoming a ‘saint’. But he had ‘an ace in the hole’, his mother, saint Monica. Throughout all the seventeen years of his life of debauchery, he squandered everything he had. Not only that, but he also tried every religion he could find—none fit. In the meantime, Monica continued to pray for his conversion. Finally, after years of indulgence and a burned out, spent life, he converted to Roman Catholicism.

Augustine was an intelligent man. Soon after his conversion, he became a priest. Realizing there was an unsettled controversy in the Church about the specifics of Original Sin and the Trinity, he developed a philosophy which explained them to the Church’s satisfaction—he was made Bishop of Hippo. He was canonized a saint some nine hundred years later—Monica, his mother, also was canonized.

A contemporary of Augustine, Jerome, was also a Catholic priest in Italy. He spoke both Greek and Latin. He is tributed with having translated the Bible from Greek to Latin. However, Dr Bart Ehrman, professor of Bible at North Carolina University, and a celebrated author about biblical concerns and events, asserts that, in his translation of the Bible from Greek to Latin, Jerome either eliminated or drastically changed most texts portraying ‘anything good’ about women—sex had become the absolute greatest evil in the Church’s eye, and ‘women were sex’. G. Rattray Taylor, in his insightful book, Sex in History, relates that Jerome became a staunch ascetic. In fact, to scourge himself more meaningfully, he moved from Italy to the Middle East desert in Judea where he became a hermit. He took three women with him. However, he made them dress as men, rub their face with dirt and ashes to hide their beauty, and torment their bodies continually, as he did. One of the women had four children. The oldest child died, and Jerome scolded her severely for weeping, telling her she should be thankful because, now she would have more time to devote to God—such was the ideation of ascetics—modern-day Opus Dei. Jerome was canonized three hundred-fifty years after his death.

Those two examples will serve to set the stage for who are considered to be ‘holy men’. Now, let’s back up thirty to forty years before Augustine and Jerome came along. The year is 325 AD. Jesus had been dead about three hundred years. The Jewish Kingdom was still under Roman control—a government within a government. The Jews were basically like sharecroppers under Roman rule, just as they had been in Jesus’ time. Christianity, of sorts, had spread eastward to all of Europe and North Africa along the Mediterranean Sea. Each town had its own bishop who was supreme ruler in his jurisdiction, However, there were many differences in Christian belief and practices from one Jurisdiction to another. Consequently, among the Christian Church, there was much squabbling and infighting, sometimes with outright hostility. Instead of working and producing for the Roman State, the Christians were spending their time bickering and arguing with each other. In the meantime, Emperor Constantine, and Emperors before him, had depleted both the Roman army and resources by engaging in perpetual conquests. The official Roman Religion at that time was Mithraism, a pagan religion which had been brought to Rome in 60 A D by the Roman Army from Persia—it was readily accepted by the Romans. Taylor asserts it is very similar to Roman Catholicism—the Church denies it. Be that as it may, Constantine reasoned that it would be more practical to make Christianity the official religion rather than attempt coercing the squabbling Christians into meaningful production. Consequently, He called the eighteen hundred world bishops into council at Nicaea—only 180 attended. At any rate, he commissioned those ‘holy men’ to form a religion of their liking—it would be enforced to the death by the Roman army. After much squabbling they formed a consensus, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church was born. In my humble opinion, it bore no resemblance to Jesus’ teaching. It reverted right back to the Jewish sacrificial religion which Jesus despised, and which got him killed for saying so. However, it did put those ‘holy men’ into a position of total control just as the King and High Priest were in Judaism—it gave them unadulterated control of our souls and our pocketbooks. As far as I can observe, nothing has changed to this day.

Oh, other ‘holy men’ finally split off from the ‘parent company’ and ‘set up housekeeping’ on their own. The visible result is thirty-three thousand different churches and sects, each proposing to represent the real Jesus—all headed by ‘holy men’—all are imposters.

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If you have not already done so, please read my little books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, Provocative Catholic, and just for kicks, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. Amazon-Kindle and me, You will get an earful and get your eyes opened.

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Do you remember when you first became aware that there was a God who made you and everything else in our world?  Depending upon our specific religious upbringing, it is likely that most of us were instilled with that understanding at a young age ranging from five to seven. Those raised in atheistic families may have developed that awareness from classmates or playmates at an older age. Regardless, one would need to have been raised in total isolation to have avoided that understanding. Those of us raised in a Christian tradition know that entity as God—others call it Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Brahma, etc. And each of those groups assigned specific attributes to their Deity. Indigenous people everywhere recognized hundreds of deities with specific names and duties.

According to the Old Testament, The Hebrews came to recognize a singular God who was responsible for everything in their universe including creation of the universe itself. They imagined their God as being totally separated from his creation—an overlord who was all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving. However, there was a ‘catch’ to the all-loving part—his love was conditional based on us and how we behaved. If we were good, he lavished us with all sorts of glorious wealth. Contrarily, if we disobeyed him, he would unleash his immeasurable anger and wrath upon us in a most vengeful way—pestilence, famine, enslavement, disease etc. In fact, the entire Israelite tribe was forced by famine to become enslaved for forty years by the Egyptians.

As an afterthought, have you ever wondered how or why the Egyptians came to be so successful? — after all, their god was pagan. I suppose, one could say God set the Egyptians up in wealth and grain just to teach the Israelites a lesson and, later, teach the Egyptians a lesson as well—seems like that’s what the narrator had in mind.

The point I’m getting to is the manner in which God’s all-powerful ability was imagined and demonstrated—it was, in fact, a purely human imagination at work. Of course, God was not finished with them. The Good Book relates a plight of the poor unfortunate Jews which was unrelenting in God’s wrath—an endless saga of misdeeds resulting in God’s all-powerful torment. Even Moses, their supreme leader, doubted God’s power—that doubt cost him a trip to the Promised Land.

So, lets fast forward to Jesus of Nazareth. By that time, God’s ongoing torment had allowed the Jews to be conquered by the Romans. But the sly Jewish leaders weren’t about to be outdone by God—they had a racket going and were not the least bit inclined to give it. The hierarchy of Judaism were bilking their subordinates while, at the same time, allowing them to be enslaved by the Romans without resistance. The Romans, on the other hand, were happy with the arrangement, because their resources had become depleted from continuous conquests, and they were happy with ‘the government within a government arrangement’.

The brilliant Jesus understood that picture well and, like all traitors before him, he became determined to rectify the situation. He was an insurrectionist but in a different way from the many who came before him—they all plotted in one way or another to overthrow both the Jewish government as well as the Romans. They were determined to have freedom from human oppression—they all met the same fate. They all were traitors, and all were crucified—the fate reserved explicitly for traitors.

Jesus had a different plan. It was not to be a physical overthrow of government—it was to be a subversive overthrow through re-educating the Jewish people about who God really was. Their God was mean—his God was All-Love. By virtue of that All-Love, God is All-Power, and All-knowing. Jesus was the first recorded person to recognize the presence of God in everything. Francis of Assisi and Meister Eckhart are notable others.

So, please now allow me to explain how God is All Powerful by virtue of his All-Loving nature. Before there was time, God existed in eternity in a state known as The Singularity—the universe did not exist. With his perfect intellect, God envisioned all the perfect particles of energy of which everything in existence is made, and with his Perfect Will (the Holy Spirit) he said “I love that, I choose that, I will that”—instantly all those particles appeared and began doing perfectly what they were designed to do—Time began. Collectively, those particles represent God’s reflection and are The Son Of God (second person of Trinity). The perpetual love relationship between God and His creation is the Holy Spirit (the Will Of God) which keeps them perfect. Since they are each perfect in form and function, are unchanging and unchangeable, and indistinguishable one from another of its kind, like God, they exist in eternity—they are God. Yet, they compose every gravid entity in existence, each of which is constantly changing which gives us time– the measure of change.

Now let’s consider the source of power. Emphatically, all power in our universe is vested in all the particles of energy which represent God’s Perfect Intellect and his Perfect Will. The instant they were released, they set about doing what they were designed to do. In their so doing they created a result, and that result generated other consequences ad infinatum. So, we see then that everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is the direct consequence of all the consequences which went before, beginning with the Big bang. There is no power in this universe that is not a direct consequence of the initial consequence. Every authority, every truth (knowledge), every gravity, every nuclear reaction, every energy of any sort is the direct consequence of God’s Perfect Rationality. We can and must readily see and accept that God cannot possibly change himself—even he must accept his own perfection.

What then are the consequences of God’s All-Power? Simply this—nothing unnatural (outside of God’s perfect rational order) can possibly occur. If it were possible for such to occur, we would have to admit to God’s schizophrenia—not a chance.

With that knowledge and understanding, where does that leave us mere mortals who for centuries have been brainwashed into thinking God can do anything he wants, even outside his own realm of perfection? I don’t know about you, but I can tell you about me—it left me buried in one gigantic ball of bewilderment, confusion, and quandary. My common sense and intuition told me the Biblical God did not exist—it was a myth, but I didn’t know why. Finally, I discovered the ‘why’—everyone talked about God, but no one could tell me who or what he is— I had to discover that for myself. Finally, after sixty-five years, in unbelievable ecstasy, I discovered his hiding place—God is a Perfect rational being outside of whom no truth exists.

The ramifications of that revelation are staggering–all religion ever proposed or practiced is illegitimate. All prayer, except a contrite acknowledgement of our selfish relationship with our fellow man, and thanksgiving to our God for our existence, is illegitimate. Begging God to do something contrary to his very nature is blasphemous. Physical miracles are impossible.

Yes, God is All-Power within the domain he, himself created—he does not have the power to change his Perfect Rationality. What, then, should be our attitude about our religion? I have observed that most churches seem to have evolved into a communal feel-good organization, and I believe that feel-good is good. However, it should not be exclusionary as I have observed it to be in so many cases. Don’t you believe that we would be better off if we had just one feel-good organization, where everyone was on the same page with God? I do, and because of that, four years ago I issued a call for The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality, which entails the understanding and acceptance that the Spirit of God is imprinted onto each particle of energy of which we are made, and as such we, and all creation are one, with and in God.

For better understanding, please read my little books, Wilderness cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. They are available Amazon-Kindle, and from me,

Buddhaism Christianity Eternity Faith Future of Christianity God God's Will gods Hilary L Hunt MD Hinduism HolyGhost Holy Spirit Islam Islam Christianity Jesus Judaism Judaism Buddhism Money Philosophy Power Religion religions salvation Science The Trinity

Just for kicks, you might like my little book, Growing Up on Fancy farm Kentucky.

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The word ridiculous is generally used to imply scorn, mockery, disbelief—maybe even simplemindedness. We use and hear it used in everyday conversation on a routine basis. That ‘routine’ basis is frequently responsible for young ears picking up the term and using it without having a clue about its meaning. On that very note, I’ll relate a humorous story.

Several years ago, I needed to make a trip to a neighboring county’s Health Department to obtain a permit for a septic system for a new bathroom we were installing at our farm and hunting club. My two-year-old granddaughter was visiting at the time, and I asked her if she would like to go with me. Eagerly, she went rushing to my truck. After appropriate assurances to her mother, I loaded her into a car-seat and away we went. She was rather quiet during the first twenty-mile leg of our trip. However, after arriving in the Health Department office, she took over—telling everyone there what to do. From there, we were accompanied by a technician to our farm to make appropriate assessment of layout and soil conditions. After arriving, true to form, miss ’know-it-all’ began giving instructions—both the technician and I were amused to the point of laughter. After the assessment was completed, we departed for home—the route home was different from the one used to get to farm. About halfway home, there is a two mile stretch of strait road—miss ‘know-it-all’ was jabbering wildly in the back seat. Because of my bad ears and the road noise, I couldn’t decipher anything she was saying. So, as we completed a right turn, I simply pulled off the road and, looking back at her, said, “now, what are you saying missy”. She looked directly at me and, with a dramatic demeanor said, “It is just ridiculous”—no explanation. I laughed till my sides hurt. I am reasonably certain she had no idea what that term meant— just as reasonably certain she had heard it used emphatically and repeatedly by her mother. Hope you enjoyed that bit of humor.

The ridiculosity I wish to address today is the number of so-called Christian religions and sects on our earth. How can it be that thirty-three thousand groups can rightfully lay claim to the straightest pathway to heaven or, possibly, the only way to heaven? Does anyone other than I wonder about that? I can truthfully say that I began such wondering and questioning at a very young age, but I had no answers and knew not where to look for them. However, that lack of information did not deter my determination to uncover the truth wherever it lay.

To my amazement and chagrin, it became obvious to me that all religions were wrong. And how am I allowed to say that? I discovered that not a single one of them had defined or could define the essence of their god. I know for certain that nothing in our universe has meaning without an ‘essential definition’—God included. With that in mind, I became determined to define my God’s essence—it took me sixty to sixty-five years of intense quandary, study, investigation, and open-minded understanding to accomplish the feat. It was absolutely necessary for me to shed all biases and pre-instilled misinformation before the Truth became obvious—that Truth, of course is God. God is all-truth. There can be no truth in this universe outside the Perfect Rationality whom I call God.

A quick overview hopefully will help. After Jesus’ death, nothing was written about him for fifteen years and that writing was done by Paul (Saul of Tarsus) who freely admits that he never knew or met Jesus. In fact, he was persecuting the Jews who were following Jesus’ teachings. Saul was a Jew with a Roman citizenship. He freely admits to having some type of overwhelming emotional reaction while on his way to Damascus to persecute them. It was during that reaction that he came by his knowledge of Jesus and his teachings. While I cannot prove it, my strong suspicion is that Paul’s information about Jesus came directly from the people he was persecuting. His ‘reaction’ likely was an uncontrollable fear generated by the sudden realization he was persecuting God, himself. Be that as it may, besides Paul’s letters, northing further was written for another fifteen years until Paul’s companion, John Mark, wrote the first Gospel—he, likewise, never knew Jesus. Sometime later Matthew who did know Jesus copied Mark’s Gospel and embellished it on both ends. Somewhat simultaneously, Luke who was a Greek did likewise, but Matthew and Luke openly contradict each other in their Gospels. Some sixty years after Jesus’ death, John, the apostle who had been banished to the island of Patmos, composed his Gospel which completely omits the last supper story except for the washing of the apostles’ feet by Jesus. By the way, John is reported to have been completely illiterate, so, his writings were done by his followers.

Before his banishment, John, Peter, and James had establish a hierarchy of sorts through transfer of power by ‘laying on of hands’—bishops were established. It was a given that a bishop was the absolute authority in his jurisdiction—usually, he was the richest and most influential person in his community.

As Christianity of sorts spread westward to Europe and North Africa, many bishoprics were established. Most Christian teaching and observation were spread by word of mouth. Some writings were copied and distributed thought the land. Since there was a need for a great many copies, it sems certain that major mistakes and deliberate alterations were made to suit the whims of local bishops. By the time Jesus had been dead three hundred years or so, there were eighteen-hundred bishops in the Roman Empire, and they were squabbling severely among themselves—many different teachings and beliefs prevailed creating overt hostilities among them.

Emperor Constantine reasoned that it would be wiser to make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire rather than attempt forcing them into cooperating with him. Accordingly, he called a general council of all the bishops at Nicaea. It seems very ridiculous that only one hundred eighty or so attended. Be that as it may, Constantine commissioned them to form a religion of their liking—it would be enforced by the Roman army to the death or banishment of any dissenter.

 Had they been truly holy men who knew, loved, and respected Jesus, the religion they formed would have put themselves in a subservient position just as Jesus reportedly taught them to do. It seems very likely they thought that ideation to be ridiculous, so, they formed a religion which put themselves in positions of unquestioned power—the Holy Roman Catholic Church was formed, and it was formed directly from the Jewish ritualistic, ‘sacrificial’ playbook—the very religion that Jesus despised, and which got him killed for saying so openly. That seems unbelievably ridiculous to me. In retrospect, they were not holy men at all—they were self-serving scallywags.

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As might be expected, such a corrupt institution was doomed to failure, and fail it did. First, it split into because of power struggles. The remaining Roman Church final split over both dogma differences and corruption resulting in the Protestant Reformation. Since then, the spinoffs have been rapid-fire ostensibly because of different interpretations of the bible, but ultimately always about power, control, and money. The Eastern Church continued to fragment along both different dogma and ethnic lines.

It seems so ridiculous that the very institution which purported to advance Jesus and his teachings has proven to be his worst adversary.

So, with that condensed historical summary one must ask; “what is the remedy? How can Jesus’ and his Father’s Church be reconciled to him”? The answer seems ridiculously simple to me—all must become likeminded. And how do we do that? Again, a ridiculously simple answer—we must all recognize and worship the same God. And who is that God? Again, a ridiculously simple answer. That God is a Perfect Ration Being. That God permeates every particle of energy of which everything in this universe is made. That Perfect Energy contains all truth in this universe. Jesus told us that—it seems stupendously ridiculous that absolutely no on in position of authority listened or cared—there was no power, control, or money in Jesus’ plan. They eagerly destroyed him and conveniently distorted his word for their own selfish gain—and that ridiculous beat goes on, even today, to the detriment of mankind.

But God doesn’t really care—God has no cares—he is Perfect and with his Perfect Love, he accepts us the way we are. We are the ones who suffer—we are the ones fighting, killing, stealing and, maiming each other, worldwide.

 By defining God’s essence with a ridiculously simple six little words (God is a Perfect Rational Being), I have presented a ridiculously obvious pathway to permanent peace. However, the world is blind. Jesus told us that. He said, “The Kingdom of God is spread out all over the Earth and you don’t see it”.

Please read my ridiculously plainspoken books with an open mind. I’ll guarantee one thing—read them with an honest, open mind and you will gain an entirely different view and understanding of your God, your preacher, and your fellowman. You do not have to quit going to your church, but when you do go, you will have a ridiculously different understanding of what you hear and see. Read Wilderness Cry first—maybe re-read it. Then you’ll understand Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. If you want to know more about me with some added humor, read growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky.

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Today, I want to address, what I consider to be, one of the most ill-conceived concepts in Christianity—just and merciful God. I have heard that term used by priests and preachers all my life, likely to the count of no less than a million times. As a child aged five, studying and being instructed in Roman Catholicism, until this very day, the barrage of such statements has continued incessantly. Early on, not knowing any better, I accepted that concept without question. However, as I grew older in both age and understanding, I began questioning the existence of such a god. Even though I knew the bible and general Christian teaching regarding God, the concept of Just and Merciful could not be reconciled with my understanding of God as being all loving—there was a disconnect which I could not comprehend.

Gradually, as I perceived all religion to be about power and control, and being bewildered by my lack of understanding, the basic problem came to light for me—the god of whom they all spoke was a pure myth because not a single religion nor religious leader had defined or was able to define the essence of that god—neither could I.

Even though I could not define God’s essence and knowing that nothing has meaning without an essential definition, I embarked on a journey of understanding so I might be able to do so. Meanwhile, with ‘tongue in cheek’, I was forced to accept what I had been taught.

Searching for answers, I investigated every avenue available to me. The most obvious place to search were my priests. When I questioned them about God’s essence, the typical response was a scornful frown or retort— ‘Don’t be asking questions. Just do as you are told.

 Information resources were scant before the days of PCs, but I read everything I could find. It became very apparent to me that the god I had learned about was schizophrenic. On the one hand, a human concoction dreamed up by the Israelites and patterned exactly after their own selfish, controlling, vengeful, and demeaning ways—their method was ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’, and so was their god’s method. On the other hand, I had been taught God was all loving—those two concepts just didn’t jive. Therefore, I had to continue my struggle to define my God’s essence.

Finally, after sixty years, my inquisitiveness was rewarded. I had known forever that everything in the universe was made of atoms which were composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons, but I didn’t know what the protons and neutrons were composed of. I knew that the protons and neutrons were responsible for nearly all the weight of everything—they love each other and want to ‘snuggle’ together as tightly as possible. However, I did not know that the electrons were responsible for giving substances the appearance of being solid—they hate each other and are totally standoffish, making most things seem solid. Then, I learned that each of those sub-particles (quanta) are perfect in every way—they exist in eternity. Despite that, they collectively, make up everything existing in the material, perpetually changing world–our universe. Are we not describing God when we speak of an entity which is perfect in all respects, is unchanging and unchangeable, and not only exists in eternity, but also exists in every material object in existence—a Perfect Rationality outside of which no truth can exist in this universe?

There, I just did it for you. Very humbly, I defined the essence of our God—God is a Perfect Rational being. That Perfect Rationality is present in everything existing in our universe—that Perfect Rationality is energy.  You might object, noting that thoughts and concepts generated by thoughts are not material—I would respond that they are energy, generated, emanated, and controlled by electrical impulses running through the brains of living, changing entities. However, the Source never changes—It is Perfect—It Is God. It has no human-like head, hair, nor body, as we have been led to believe—do we not say that Jesus is ‘seated at the right hand of the Father’? Neither God nor Jesus has a butt upon which to sit—they are Eternal Spirit. Just as an electron or photon has no body, neither does God, of which they are.

So, with that understanding, we come to realize that God is everything and everything is God. Is God guilty of misdeeds? Can he possibly have ‘mercy’ on himself? I think not. God is, in fact, Perfect Love which means he cannot possibly reject any part of himself. Remember, we are God’s children—he is ‘our substance’— he makes up our essence’.

With that in mind, I would propose that we should cringe each time we hear that totally nonsensical proposition, ‘just and merciful god’—that’s the mythical god dreamed up by the Hebrews and perpetuated by the Jewish-minded Christians who formed the first official catholic (universal) church. Justice, of course, means we have done evil and, therefore, deserve punishment. Remember, they did so at the behest of Roman Emperor Constantine with his assurance that whatever they determined would be enforced by the Roman Army—can you imagine them not putting themselves in a self-serving, controlling position? —I can’t.

Religions, in general, and the three Abrahamic religions, specifically, have attempted to control us by making us feel ‘guilty’ for being God’s normal creatures. In so doing, they have fostered divisiveness, hostility, and above all, mental (emotional) illness. At one time, that mental illness grew so bad to prompt G Rattray Taylor, in his very thorough and astute book, Sex in History, to describe Medieval Europe as ‘one giant cesspool of psychosis’. That condition has improved somewhat in modern times for one reason only— young people are ignoring such foolishness. However, the world is still chocked full of middle aged and older neurotics and psychotics generated by guilt driven religion. If you have not already done so, you could relieve much of your guilt by reading my three philosophy books. Wilderness Cry-a scientific and philosophical approach to understanding God and the universe, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic— Amazon-Kindle, and Also, it Is likely that many of you may not have read my little book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. I believe you would truly enjoy it.

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We may define a ‘truth’ as any consequence logically emanating from a given fact or set of known facts. For instance, we know, factually, that one mole (gram molecular weight) of NaCl (table salt) is composed of one mole of sodium and one mole of Chlorine. Also, we know, factually, that both a feather and a fifty-pound lead ball, falling in a vacuum in the earth’s atmosphere, fall exactly sixteen feet the first second after their release. Furthermore, we know those truths and millions more by virtue of the ‘scientific process’ which is exemplified by postulation, experimentation, observation, and repetition producing identical results. That process would be meaningless and nonsensical if we and it did not exist in a ‘perfect truth system’. And just what is a ‘perfect truth system? It is a system composed of fundamental truths outside of which there can be no recognizable truth.

And where do those fundamental truths come from. Explicitly, they come from the perfect truth found in each fundamental particle of energy in our universe. Notice I said, ‘our universe’. If there are other universes, as Stephen Hawking suggested, and they are using the identical truth system as ours, it is likely, but not certain, they would already have been discovered. There may be billions, or trillions of universes intermingled with ours. If so, each would likely be using a different ‘truth system’ which would not be readily recognized, or recognizable at all, by us—our truths represent ‘our scientific knowledge base—our ‘language’, so to speak, and each of theirs would have a different type of knowledge base or ‘truth system’. Likely, we would not be able to have an awareness of their existence and vice versa.

So, where did out ‘truth system come from and how did it come to be? Did it just happen, or is there someone or something responsible for it? Our scientists have been debating that question for centuries.

 Near-ancient people, knowing no science, attributed it to a god, or many gods. Centuries later, whoever authored the Book of Genesis, presumably a Hebrew, deduced there was a ‘singular God’ responsible for it all. In their total ignorance of any scientific facts, the Hebrews ascribed all sorts of attributes to their God—all powerful, all-knowing, loving, just, wrathful, demanding, and, most importantly, negotiable. At their negotiating table, they worked out pacts or treaties, known as covenants, with ‘him’. Notice I said, ‘him’—God had to be male— a female’s standing in society was lower than common slaves. First, the Hebrews became God’s ‘chosen’ people, to the abandonment of all others. After their first contract failed—not certain which side broke it— God unleashed his wrath onto them. But then God repented and, while negotiating a new contract with them, he promised to never again abandon them. Furthermore, he promised to send a messiah who would ‘restore paradise’ just for them. However, once again, they surmised that their wrathful God needed appeasement as an enticement to keep his word. That assumption generated the need for sacrificial religion, and four to five thousand years later, it is still alive and well.

So, with that short overlay review, we see one side of the debate covered—God was responsible for it all. However, no person nor group has been able to define the essence of that (their) God. On the other hand, those who study such things scientifically have been skeptical of such a god—most of them surmised it all just happened.

 As scientific investigation and understanding have plodded along, it does seem certain that the scientists have one thing correct—it all started with a ‘Big Bang’ which amounted to the instantaneous and simultaneous release of all ‘truth particles’ of energy in our universe. Those particles of energy contain all the knowledge existent in our ‘Perfect Truth System’. They exist in several different species such as photons, electrons, quarks, bosons, etc. Each particle is perfect in both form and function, each is indistinguishable from its counterparts, none is changing nor changeable, not one, more nor less, exists today than existed at the time if the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. They all are said to have been released from ‘The Singularity’. That Singularity, I call God.

Collectively, all particles represent and exhibit a ‘Perfect Rationality in our ‘Truth System’. That observation and understanding lent credence to me for accepting the existence of a Perfect Rational Being who I call God, because that term is recognized worldwide. Not only that, but that understanding mandated my definition of my God’s essence—God is a Perfect Rational Being. Absolutely nothing can be added nor subtracted from that ‘essential definition’. The implications of that definition are staggering. That definition of God’s essence invalidates all religion—it invalidates most of the Bible (there are a few statements in the New Testament which seem to be true) —it makes physical miracles an absolute impossibility. It demonstrates that all present concepts of God are pure myth based on ignorance, superstition, astrology, and imagination, none of which have any relevance in our ‘Perfect Truth System’. Collectively, those Perfect Particles of Energy exist in eternity—they are God.

It is my understanding that, as the fields of Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, Astrophysics, and related sciences have been steadily developed, an increasing number of scientists are accepting the concept of a Perfect Rational Being, a Supreme Being, or God. Of course, no one can prove or disprove God’s existence—that is the one thing we must either accept or reject as a matter of faith—I choose to accept it.

The New Testament of the Bible contains various and varying accounts of the Life of Jesus of Nazareth. I sincerely believe that most of what was/is written has been done by ignorant people who had a bias about what they wrote. The one thing that Jesus seemed to understand well was that God is in all things and all things are in God. Also, Jesus knew that God, his Father, and our Father, is Perfect Love. Jesus despised religion—he knew it was bogus and freely said so—they killed him for that. He told us that love was our only duty—love God and love our neighbor.

 Yesterday’s homily, delivered by my pastor at Sunday morning mass, explicitly stated those same sentiments about God and his Perfect Love—it is the very first time I have ever heard that from any pulpit or seen it in any writing. I was never taught those concepts in my religious discipline, which amounted to fifteen years of rigorous training—hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for my pastor—he broke the mold.

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Now back to the possibility of other Truth Systems. If any such exist, it would, by necessity, constitute another universe different from ours. Likewise, the Perfect Rationality exhibited in that universe would, by necessity, represent another Perfect but different Rational Being, and it would only have domain in that universe. Likely, we will never know. However, never is a terribly long time—the codebreakers have an eternity to get the job done. Obviously, none of us need busy our little minds worrying about it.

All we need be concerned about is keeping Jesus commands for us to love our God with our all , and to love our neighbor as ourselves—whew!!!. What a task!!!.

As most of you know, I have written extensively about our God and his Perfect Truth System. For those of you who have not been exposed to them, my books Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic develop that philosophy quite succinctly. All are available Amazon-Kindle and at In addition, you might enjoy my little semi-autobiography, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky.

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Do you have expectations? Of course, you do. Almost every living entity in the universe has expectations. And just what is an ‘expectation’? It is a strong belief or anticipation that something will happen in the future. That ‘future’ may entail any timeframe from a nanosecond to billions or trillions of years. And where do expectations come from? Very simply, all expectations come from preconditioning generated by every one of that being’s previous experiences. For rational and irrational creatures alike, that composite of experiences amounts to each creature’s total psychic or personality development. As Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam. I’m Popeye the sailor man”. For so-called irrational creatures, the farther removed from rationality in the evolutionary scale one goes, the less obvious those characteristics become, but they are there, nonetheless.

All expectations are based on learned experiences and each individual, rational or irrational, has millions or, possibly billions of them. For instance, most entities have an expectation that the sun will rise daily. However, there are some animals which have no such expectation because they live in total darkness—they never see light. Most expect that food, water and shelter will be available on a timely basis, but not all, because many have no guaranteed supply; note the number of homeless humans and stray animals.

On a more intimate note, seemingly, when a human couple marry, they expect to stay married forever—the high divorce rate says differently. Canada geese do, in fact, mate for life. If one of them dies from any cause, the remaining mate will wander the flyways continually looking for its mate. I and my hunting companions observed what appeared to be the same goose over a ten-year period, flying and honking incessantly, always out of gun range and never responding to our decoys or calling—not knowing what death is, it was continually searching for its lost mate. On the other hand, I have witnessed as many as five green headed male mallard ducks mate with a single female, in rapid-fire fashion, with little resistance on her part—obviously, different species are programmed differently.

I could rattle on and on about expectations—we all have millions which have been programed into is by our learning experiences, and no where is that more obvious than in the field of religion. It is likely, that most of us have been programmed with certain expectations through religious training. And, since there are likely as many as one hundred thousand religions in the world, with each one teaching a different ideation about a mythical god, it is an absolute guarantee that no two individuals have identical expectations from that god.

Like most trained in other religions, I was rigorously trained in Roman Catholicism by my Catholic sister teachers. I was taught that basically every God-given instinct in me was extremely sinful, and if I gave in to any natural instinct, I would go straight to hell and burn forever, if I died before I confessed that sin to a priest. I was taught to pray to all the so-called saints and Virgin Mary to intercede for me so that God would be less angry with me and that he would even protect me from terrible storms etc. I observed that as our entire Catholic community came together often and prayed for God to perform a miracle and make it rain, or to stop the rain and flooding, or cure someone’s terrible ailment, nothing ever happened—our prayers were never answered. It became obvious to me that God was not the least bit interested in satisfying our expectations. When I asked my priest why God wouldn’t answer our prayers, because, after all, we were ‘God’s elite’, he said to me. “It is God’s will”.

That singular three-word statement told me that literally everything I had been taught was incorrect—therefore, all my expectations about God were bogus. I was thirteen years old at the time, and not knowing how it would happen, I determined right then to discover the ‘truth’ about God. At that moment, I ‘embarked on a journey of understanding’, That journey led me to an entirely different understanding of God and, of course, an entirely different ‘set of expectations’ concerning him. My journey of understanding lasted sixty years. That is when I discovered Quantum Mechanics (particle physics). Particle physics demonstrates that everything in this universe is made of particle of energy which are perfect in both form and function, are indistinguishable from their counterparts, are unchanging and unchangeable and can be in innumerable places simultaneously—they exhibit a perfect rationality— they exist in eternity—they are God. Immediately the lights came on in my understanding. Finally, I knew who God is and literally all my expectations about him and religion did an about-face.

God is a Perfect Rational being. That understanding told me that each expectation I had been taught about God was totally erroneous. Consequently, all religion I am aware of is in total error. With that understanding, my journey took a sudden change of course—I must tell the world. I had done something never before done—I had defined the essence of God—the world must know immediately.

Accordingly, I sat right down and began penning my little book WILDERNESS CRY-A scientific and philosophical Approach to Understanding God and The Universe. In that book I explain my journey of understanding, and I explore the basic principles emanating from it. The implications of God’s Essence are staggering and literally shred all concepts of mythical religions which includes every religion known to me. One momentous derivative of God’s Perfection is his Perfect love. Perfect Love is defined as ‘acceptance without expectations’. SO, God loves us unconditionally which means he expects nothing from us in return. Jesus told us that; ‘love your God with your all and love your neighbor as yourself (paraphrased).

In my books Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic, I carry many of God’s Perfect Attributes to their logical conclusion. In previous blogs, I expound on God’s Attributes of All-powerful, All-knowing, and All-Loving

Religion has thrown a massive blanket of guilt with resultant impending punishment over us. In its inception, religion might have been well intentioned and wrought through ignorance, but rapidly became a massive tool used by those in command to maintain their power over us and exercise control while simultaneously extracting our hard-earned wherewithal, all for their own edification—all under the guise of pleasing God and avoiding his wrath.

If you have not done so, you would do yourself a great service by reading Wilderness Cry. Go to Amazon, look it up and read the reviews—you will be impressed. In the meantime, expect nothing that your life’s experiences and common sense haven’t shown you.

For a little fun, check out Growing up in Fancy Farm Kentucky.

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The catastrophic events of last Saturday evening (12-11-21), involving massive tornadoes sweeping across five states causing death and destruction, have generated an immediate query in my mind about how you or your preacher may interpret God’s intention in allowing or even causing such events to happen. I suspect there may be as many opinions as there are preachers and individuals—so, let’s explore a few.

Some may consider those events as modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah treatment of Mayfield, Bowling Green, and Dawson Springs, Kentucky, plus many places in other states. Others may say God wanted to see who is faithful to him and is willing to beg him for protection, and, if they escape unscathed, to know that their prayers were answered—they had favor with God. The implication of that kind of thinking is, either those affected didn’t pray, or, if they did pray, God didn’t like them, so he ignored their prayers. In other words, God deliberately performed a miracle for some, but made a direct, intentional hit on others.

My suspicion is that most priests and preachers, except the most radical, would completely ignore the ‘why’ of God’s intention. If they say it is God’s will, they are setting a trap for themselves because they must explain why God would ‘will’ such a hurt on anyone or even an entire city. They can’t explain what God’s Will is because they do not know who God is—they cannot define God’s essence. If they did, in fact, define God’s essence as I have (God is a Perfect Rational Being), they would automatically eliminate the need for their existence in their present role as preacher, priest or rabbi. So, likely little is said—and that is sad.

What I have observed on social media is a flourish of ‘praying’ for the afflicted. The logical question then immediately arises—what are they praying for? What are their expectations? Are they expecting God to reverse his position and restore everything like nothing ever happened? Are they asking the very God who allowed this death and destruction to occur to suddenly, miraculously, put food, water, shelter, and clothing on the very people he nearly destroyed? Seems to me like that’s like trying to put air back into a busted balloon.

Obviously, all that praying is a total waste of time and energy because the God who willed that torment is not about to ‘change his mind’—he can’t—he’s Perfect.

So, what’s the praying about? I am proposing that it is a terribly misguided sense of expectation generated by religion—the absolute false belief that God can change his mind. If God could reverse 13.8 billion years of truth, neither he nor his truth would be Perfect—he would be an imposter—not a chance of that.

What, then, should we be doing? I believe we should feel and express our deepest sympathy for the unfortunate—we should immediately offer our assistance in whatever way possible. For most of us that would be financial aid supplied through reputable agencies. Many able-bodied people could offer physical assistance through hands-on manual labor and/or clearing equipment guided by designated managers. Mostly, we should stay out of the way of the assistance and clean-up effort—do not hamper the appropriate agencies efforts by being a nosey busybody.

Now let’s get back to the ‘why it happened’. Recognizing that our God is a Perfect Rational Being and knowing that 13.8 billion years ago our Perfect Being visualized every perfect particle of energy in existence and Loved them into being with his Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit, time began. Immediately, those particles began doing perfectly what they were designed to do and have continued to do so in perfect fashion ever since. Everything that has happened since and everything that will ever happen is a direct consequence of those particles ‘first move’.

So, after 13.8 billion years, the atmosphere in our area was so imbalanced, with high pressure in one area rushing to fill the relative void of low pressure in the other, the resultant ‘balancing act’ of nature created the catastrophe we have observed—and to think, it occurred after all these billions of years as a direct result of the trillions and trillions of consequences that went before—that is God’s perfection. Those similar ‘balancing acts’ of God’s Nature have occurred and will occur many more times, but never again in identical fashion—similar, yes, but never again identical. In fact, similar activity is occurring simultaneously worldwide on a regular and perpetual basis.

 When one throws a rock into a pack of dogs, the only dog that yelps is the one the rock hits—God’s perfection is perpetually throwing stones at us dogs. The entire universe is continually attempting to balance itself. God created it in an imbalanced attitude so change would be mandatory, and time would exist. If it ever succeeds in balancing itself, time will cease, and eternity will continue just as it was before God released his energy in the form of all the quanta in the universe 13.8 billion years ago. I read somewhere recently that some cosmologists are predicting our part of the universe will live another 100 trillion years before balancing itself—a number no one can comprehend. And the Jews carried the God of that creation around on their shoulders in a box (Arc of The Covenant)? —are you kidding me???

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So then, how can our priest or preacher explain the cause of such events, and furthermore, advise us how to think about them. If they tell us, “it is God’s Will”, which it absolutely is, they have ‘cooked their own goose’. All their preaching is senseless unless directed at the fact that God’s Will is ‘set in stone’—perfect, unchanging, and unchangeable, meaning prayers are useless. But they never admit to that. They are constantly bombarding us with guilt-driving concepts derived from the Bible and speculative theology, all for power, control, and money. Such preaching might even give some listeners a false sense of security and cause them to fail in taking proper precautions.

Our only justifiable prayers should be ‘thanks to God for giving us the intelligence to recognize his unrelenting Perfection, and the common sense to accept and cherish it’. Should we be angry with God? I think not. We simply must be aware that God’s perfection demands such events and be prepared to protect ourselves as best we can. That is the message our advisers (ministers) should be delivering to us. God’s perfection requires a perpetual litany of tumultuous, violent atmospheric, geologic, and cosmic events. No number of senseless prayers can change God’s mind (Will)—it has been pre-set from all eternity and is totally indiscriminate. God plays no favorites— never allow yourself to believe you are more special in God’s mind than anyone or anything that has ever existed or will ever exist.

When we as an entire human race come to that realization (meaning become likeminded), we can have peace. That like mindedness requires both an understanding and acceptance that the Spirit of God, The Holy Spirit, God’s Will, the Existence-giving Principle of everything, is imprinted onto every particle of energy of which everything in our universe is made. I call that ‘Spirituality’. Considering that understanding, several years ago, I called for ‘The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality’—our only pathway to peace.

I realize I’m ‘hard on religion’ but it’s for a very specific reason. I see religion as the cause of most or all the earth’s strife. I see religion as having it roots in the ignorance-stall of mythology, astrology, and superstition—it cannot possibly ‘bear truth’. Our preachers speak of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Who is the God of all the other billions and billions of people who have populated this earth— do they not have a God? I say yes—we all have the same identical God, the one and only Perfect Rational Being.

 But no religion I’m aware of knows that Perfect Rational Being. Due to ignorance, mythology, astrology, and superstition, every religion in the world has a different god. Guess what—those gods have been fighting and keeping the earth in perpetual turmoil since the beginning of recorded history. Each god is attempting to gain mastery over all others—and the beat goes on with strife, turmoil, grief, suffering and death as the consequence. Each god is envious of all others. Each is willing to fight to the bitter end to attain complete mastery over all for attainment of complete power and total control over all others for purposes of extracting their hard-earned money.

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So, can we ever become likeminded in The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality? Regrettably, it seems highly unlikely. That complete philosophy is presented and developed in my three books Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. You may learn more about me by reading Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. All are available Amazon-Kindle.

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