Utopia–Socialism vs. Capitalism—-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngUTOPIA: just what is utopia? It is an imagined state of perfection. Well how does that apply to politics and government. In the imaginary world of ‘Alice in Wonderland”, a Socialist government would be absolutely ideal. Everyone would be equal; everyone would have the same clothing, shelter, food, medicine etc.. Of course the government would supply those entities without bias or favoritism. Sounds wonderful, but where does the government get those commodities? Obviously, in that utopian society, everyone would produce equally, and the government would take it from you and give it back equally. Of course in a realistic society, many would not be able to produce equally as others for various reason. The question then arises as to who makes those decisions?—of course the government.

IMG_0082Well, just who is this government that’s so equitable and charitable? Obviously they have to be chosen leaders who are  ‘perfect’ people in order to make all of those ‘perfect’ decisions. Then the mighty question arises—just who are those ‘perfect’ people? Do you know even one?—I don’t.

So lets look at history for guidance. As far as I can  determine, there has never been a single avowed socialist government that has lasted 100 years without collapse. And why do you suppose that is. Its pretty simple to me. Number one, I’ve yet to meet or even hear of a ‘perfect’ government official. Each, in turn, usually decides that he/she is just a wee tad more important than others and therefore ‘deserves’ just  a wee tad more than his/her constituents. Then there is the ‘buddy’ system—heh, you vote for me and I’ll see to it that you get more.

So what happens then? To put it bluntly, ‘all hell break lose’ an inch at a time. Those getting more but not producing more create an immediate imbalance. In the beginning, the imbalance isn’t noticeable but guess what—three things happen. The government person decides he likes ‘more’ so he takes more. Of course in order to keep his ‘rich’ position, he has to promise his buddies more—invariably, he needs more buddies. Neighbors aren’t blind—they see the corruption—they see that they are working their tails off but getting less. And the ‘race is on’. Its like a dog chasing his tail—more to the ‘big boys’, more votes needed which translates to more goodies going to more constituents which means the helpless and hapless peasants are left starving, freezing and dying from unattended illness.

IMG_1065Eventually the inevitable happens—mass rebellion with an overthrow coup. Seventy five years seems to be about the magic number. Martial law with loss of civil rights of any kind is the usual method of holding such a government together—eventually all turn to some form of capitalism.

The tenets of capitalism stipulate that personal work may translate into personal gain—not necessarily so but if one puts out the effort, the opportunity is there. It is never intended nor expected that each will attain the same. It is expected that each will and should contribute according to his means for the common good of infrastructure etc. It also is expected that all should contribute to basic needs of invalids and those unable to care for themselves. Our leaders are chosen by a democratic process and if one prove to be undesirable or ineffective, we vote them out of office.

So what’s the point? The point is rather simple—we all are selfish people—haven’t met a perfect individual yet. I’ve heard and believe Jesus likely was. So obviously socialist live in a dream world. There cannot possibly be any ‘utopia’ in this life—that is reserved for ‘heaven’.

I address these issues from all angles in my books Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. There is a deeper meaning and sense of understanding than may be readily apparent to you. I have attached press releases and video trailers for my books. Please review them—you may find them interesting.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality

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