Hello Again-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngIt has been quite a while since I posted. Two reasons pertain. One is that I have been ill part of the time. The other is I have been extremely busy wrapping up my gardens for the year, but more importantly, writing two books. I’m happy to report that Covenant Books is republishing my first book, Wilderness Cry. They plan major distribution and promotion. I have just completed its sequel, which I won’t release for a while. In addition, due to popular request, I gave in and wrote a book entitled “Growing up in Fancy Farm, Kentucky”. Likely, it would be of local interest only. It does, however, contains a lot of general interest topics. The local printers have it now. If anyone interested, e-mail me: handg@comcast.net, and I’ll get it to you. Don’t yet know printing costs, so I don’t have price—most likely in $10 range.

Now back to the subject near and dear to my heart—spirituality. I’d bet my last dollar that ten or twenty people or even a hundred would give a different answer if asked to define spirituality. The essential definition of spirituality is the end-all, be-all to understanding God and achieving peace. With that understanding, I am again calling for acceptance of my plea for recognition of The World-Wide Communion of Spirituality. It is only through that Like-mindedness, that peace is achievable.

Just look at the world today, as well as throughout history—wars, wars, wars. Endless, senseless killing for why—religion and ideology, all of which are seeking more money and goods through power and control. We must first examine ourselves and humble ourselves to the acceptance of our common spirituality. Then and only then can and will the world finally, gradually, catch on and become truly civil and peaceful. That definitely is a utopian concept, but I submit to you, it’s the only way. Wilderness Cry is available all on-line retailers and Kindle



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