LOOPHOLE-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngLOOPHOLE-This interesting word is generally used to imply the avoidance of a duty or obligation by use of an ambiguity in a law or directive. Most often it seems to be used regarding tax evasion by the art of discovering and using those inadequacies. Certainly it could be applied to any circumstance of obligatory nature. My main concern is the division in the Christian world created by the multiple loopholes in both doctrine and its’ application. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, as of 2014, there are 33,000 Christian denominations in the world, each one claiming Truth. How is that possible? It seems obvious that anyone with a different viewpoint, who can muster enough followers to support both him/herself and gathering places (church buildings), is allowed to start a new sect; such is the loophole of religious sacredness. Almost all of them use as their foundation a book which stems from a single copy of many, possibly thousands, of previous copies. We know historically, that Roman Emperor Constantine called the first Nicene Council because he could not control the hundreds of warring christian factions under his domain. Why were they fighting? It seems clear that that when Jesus died, there was no agreement about who He really was, nor what He said and did. There was no written record. The first apparent writing was done 15-20 yrs after Jesus death by Paul who claimed to get his information about Jesus through some para-normal experience. Be that as it may, Paul never agreed with Peter and James about much of anything, and certainly not about requirements of salvation. So, as later writings appeared, they frequently contradicted each other: at least the versions we have now do. So why do/did we have so many “versions” of the bible? My answer is the “loophole” of authenticity generated by each translator and reviser: they simply took “literary privilege” and wrote what they thought. Thus, over the centuries, there have been numerous “versions” of that book, and each stemming from one copy of a copy of a copy ad infinitum. In the case of “catholic” churches, their foundation is as much or more based on developmental traditions as it is the bible. Their main differences have to do with “power struggles”; a lesser degree with theology and liturgy. Because of all the loopholes I observed in a system which allowed for such dramatic division in a universal “Christian” family, I was compelled to write a synoptic but concise philosophy of God and His universe based on sound historical and scientific facts. I do what no one has done. I define God, the Trinity, The Holy Spirit, God’s will, the soul, eternity, and much more. I close all the “loopholes” for anyone who cares to peer inside. My book is titled WILDERNESS CRY- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. Its main thesis is a pleading for unity among Christians by accepting the two principles Jesus supposedly gave us; Love God with our all, and Love our neighbor as ourselves. Currently our division worldwide is so great and in some instances so hostile that we cannot survive as an entity. There are forces at work that seek to destroy us and will use the “loopholes” in our disjointed organization to do just that. It’s only a matter of time. My Book available Amazon, Kindle, and all major on-line book retailers.

12 thoughts on “LOOPHOLE-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

    1. What I’m saying is we don’ t know and have no way of knowing what went down from Jesus mouth. We have a general depiction of Jesus presenting to his disciples a philosophy neither understood nor accepted because it was so foreign to their Jewish heritage. They were expecting a Messiah who would come swooping in like a giant eagle, instantly rearrange the earth into a new paradise just for them. When Jesus started talking about love of enemies, and tried to explain them that the spirit of God was in everything, they simply couldn’t swallow that. He knew he would be killed for teaching such heresy, but He needed time to get the good news (gospel) out to the world; that, of course, was He had come to die for the salvation of all. That is really all that I am able to garner from the altered writings we have. We do know from secular Roman history that Jesus was crucified. Much of the original bible was written in Aramaic, a language with no word or sentence structure (amyjcgrojahtodmthaborugkynahrgidnbfgt). So anyone not knowing for sure what the writer meant could break such a conglomeration up into many possible different meanings. At best, I think the bible (s) we have now represent a general overview of Jesus and His activities. My big criticism is that those who seemingly hang on every word of the bible conveniently completely ignore the points that are contradictory to their belief. We simply can’t have it both ways. Knowing and seeing that compelled me to formulate a “fool proof” philosophy as described in my book Wilderness Cry. Thanks for inquiry.


      1. I don’t believe that Jesus ever existed and the whole story was a fabricated one originated from the Roman Flavian emperors. This was done to undermine the Jewish messianic movement of that period. It was hugely successful.
        The Jesus story was plagiarized by the story of the Egyptian God Horus that predates the Jesus story by 2500 years.
        The Persian story of Mithras was another almost exact story. It’s not a coincidence that many of the Roman Christian churches had statues of Mithras in their basements!


  1. You may be correct Robert; I cant prove it. There is one secular Roman text attesting to His existence; it could have been fabricated. Based on what I can legitimately garner from the bible, and the secular reference, I’m accepting that He did live. I also believe that no one I have read understood who he was. You’ll have to read my little book to understand my philosophy. I’m accepting Jesus to be a human super genius of natural origin who saw through the relationship of God with everything; truly the Einstein of His time. I like the way you think generally. I believe were on the same general wavelength. There is a scientific reason foe everything; everything is result of all causes that went before. I define everything before elaborating on it; a logical, philosophical must.

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    1. I’ll have to take a look at your work, but for now I think it very likely you will enjoy this documentary on the work of Joseph Campbell called Caesars Messiah!


  2. Huh. Well, I disagree. I chalk up the differences between denominations to be primarily personality based, the flaws and failings results of our individual and collective sins, and disunity a weapon of the enemy.
    Personally, I have friends from different backgrounds. What brings us together is praying for and be witnesses to those who have not yet heard.
    The idea that the whole story is made up discounts the centuries of collections of Jewish writing. All of which, each book, foreshadows in its own way the coming of Christ.
    Squash Jewish rebellion by making the hero a martyr who offers eternal life to all his followers…? I don’t see how that’s logical. Most Jews persecuted the early Christians themselves.


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