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cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCALLING; what an interesting word with so many uses and implications. I can still hear my mothers voice calling, from the back door of our little three room house, me and my brothers to come for dinner (lunch). We would in the fields  toiling in the hot sun on our little farm. I can hear my dadd’y voice calling me to awaken, at 4:00 AM; I had ask him to do so that I might get into the woods squirrel hunting before daylight. I can reminiscence about all sorts of voices calling me at various times and circumstances.Those are conscious memories and each of you have had similar experiences. Many are nostalgic, many are sad, and each represents our own individual interpretation. In similar fashion, we hear people speak of a calling from God to do so and so. Those callings are based on the programming each personality has experienced with the underlying need or expectation of such a calling. For instance, we may hear someone say he/she got a calling to preach. In such a case, it is likely that persons personality has been per-programmed to subconsciously expect such a calling. If we are Christian, we must accept the fact that Jesus calls us to honor His two commandments; Love God with our all, and love (accept) our neighbor as ourselves. If we as a society ever come to universally honor that calling, there will be peace. Until then there will be nothing but strife. For a complete understanding of that and many, many more concepts, I would encourage you to read my powerful little book, Wilderness cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe; Amazon, Kindle and all on-line book retailers

24 thoughts on “Calling-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. The spirit comes from the will to live and express learned leadership qualities from the Author, of life and death in the mind. This is our true source of a ordained calling. Experience leads to the Creator of all thoughts relevant in being a part of our religious universe and it’s condition before the Author. Bro. Parnell,


    1. Bro Parnell, I sense you are speaking in irrational terms. Rationality comes from the Author and it mimics His perfection. Failure to recognize that for monetary gain no doubt has confused you. You are required by common logic to begin with the known truth and work backward; the only scientific method of solving problems. Contemplate;ate that and then reconsider your position. Are you living off religion? If you are, you are not a follower of Jesus. He and his immediate followers lived off the economy; whatever was available.


      1. Like minds come together!
        Jesus was fed by religious people already established, and his dominion over lesser intelligent creatures respecting the word of God, in his mouth.

        I’m all about the spiritual body of God. I do not give my heart to the world. I do not seek to build a worldly empire; just live
        by what God, gives me. He is my provider from his creation.
        What I have to reveal from the Author, is more valuable than
        all the money in the world.
        Like Jesus, I sit over the dead and the living. Unlike the religions of the world I, don’t hide the truth in the name of Jesus.


      2. You seem to be talking in riddles. If you have philosophical evidence backed bu science please speak it. Otherwise, please rad my little book Wilderness Cry for a clear understanding of Who God is and how He operates. What you are preaching is myth dreamed up by well meaning but totally ignorant people. They did the best they could but they knew absolutely nothing about how this universe is constructed nor how it operates, so they could not possibly have known God. God is real; His spirit (driving force) is in everything; therefore everything is imprinted with His image. Nothing could be without His willing and sustaining it. His Will (love) is perpetual, perfect, unchanging and unchangeable. Can something Perfect change? I think not.


      3. God, doesn’t need to be fed !
        It is a fact that you do not know the depths and height of the natural body of space called the universe.

        You can not declare that it has a boundary clearly establishing a sphere! All you have is a calculation of our nearest objects. Distance alone is not proof of calculated expansion.

        Our religious universe as a heaven was first by created definition. Your unfounded science came from our original
        thought and blueprint for our kingdom of heaven on earth but above it’s reality in understanding.


      4. Science which is knowledge which is obtained by the art of question, experimentation, observation, conclusion. It has nothing, per say, to do with spirituality. However the more we truly know and understand with scientific certainty, the more we know and understand God and His workings. We don’t have to rely on ambiguous-and meaningless statements and platitudes for that understanding. Read Wilderness Cry and “you” will understand.


  2. Religion itself is not the cause of division. Envy out of religious attainment is the culprit producing sects.

    To act upon every word that proceeds forth from the mouth
    of the Author, is a manifest way
    of life. This is called religion.

    There is only one Creator,(educator)!! So therefore there
    is only one religion in truth. Flesh and geographical areas vary but the spirit(vital-principle), of God, as word and spirit, is the same in all walks of life.

    All flesh is not religious. It has never been that way and never will. He who teaches so is a misleader.

    I hope that this brings clarity to our meeting of the mind. May
    God, be with us, against the wicked and spiritual lawless ones in the body of God.


  3. We are the originator things produced from a universal cipher. We have our own scientist for our world of spirituality. It is illegal to define
    any objects in our heaven without authority from the
    mind that is of God. All things pertaining to the Author, exist within a boundary sphere .
    Corresponding in relation to
    all living things in motion. According to the religious will
    of God,. Placing a certain kind of Man, over all of his defined

    If you find a portal having a key for access, and you take that key without permission or true purpose to duplicate it and claim it as your own, you are a lier and a theft.


  4. Our religion has its own spirit from the spirit of the Author, as God.Without his spirit, our religion is natural practicality. Natural practicality is the spirit of Roman theology of God’s and goddesses under one God.


    1. What is your religion called. You know, as of 2014 , there were 33.000 Christian religions in the world, most likely many more now, each claiming to be the correct one. Religions divide us because it pits us against each other (I’m right and you’re wrong” Acknowledging and practicing Jesus only two commands, Love your God with your all , and love your neighbor as yourself, unite us. Don’t you think its time to recognize and promote the simple truth rather than keep beating around the bush with all sorts of meaningless jargon? I do.


      1. As you say, there are 33,000 truths and everyone wants to tell a story instead of teaching the word of God, from the views of the holy book. In truth they can’t because of generational distortion. Even then some will not believe due to worldly drunkenness.

        God, gives it to whom he please. I teach out of love not hate. I seek to free all human beings who are in bondage to a
        beast-king(Pre-eminent-Man-humanity) that’s without the spirit of the Author, of life and death in the mind.


      2. I read the introduction to your book. The subjects are common ; but truth leads all
        the way out of Jesus, death into his life. Death exposes flesh and spiritual life in the
        body that’s of God, reveals
        retains and sustains spiritual life in a religious sphere of influence, study and activity(world), according to
        the will of God.


      3. Jesus is the ‘Person’ that is of God. A Person, is a body of organized religious people.

        We are organized in a set life and death thought! As we refrain from the world of natural practicality. For our natural flesh in death, is overpowered by the word and spirit of the Author, of life and death in the mind.

        Salvation is freedom from loss and damage in our strive and struggles in the midst of a world that looks and sounds like us, but are not us.

        A spiritual civilization is based upon quality of thought in a body of like minded people. Not quantity of flesh.

        The cattle folk, lean upon their own understanding of God, and his will. Only a fool would waste time explaining their
        intentions apart from the will of the Author.

        Parnell.Jones.12 Facebook
        God, Man and spiritual life before the Author. Read it for yourself.


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